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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Brian's reward for all the hard work?
(a) Hike
(b) Egg
(c) Fish
(d) Nap

2. How long has it been since the plane crashed?
(a) 47 days
(b) 31 days
(c) 42 days
(d) 53 days

3. What valuable thing does Brian learn?
(a) There is a town nearby.
(b) Mistakes can be fatal.
(c) Fish scales are edible.
(d) Coyotes only come out at night.

4. Which of these things did not happen after Brian became depressed?
(a) Lets the fire go out
(b) Tries to kill himself
(c) Forgets to eat
(d) Aggravates the bear

5. What strange weather occurrence scared Brian?
(a) Torrential rains
(b) Hail storm
(c) Electrical storm
(d) Tornado

6. The bird encouraged Brian to what?
(a) Climb atop a tree
(b) Pick berries
(c) Fish
(d) Bask in the sun

7. What happens when Brian tries to protect the food?
(a) Gets bitten
(b) Hurts his arm
(c) Cuts his lip
(d) Gets sprayed

8. What type of wood is used to create the new tool?
(a) Birch
(b) White Pine
(c) Oak
(d) Willow

9. What does Brian narrowly avoid stepping on in the woods?
(a) Snake
(b) Quicksand
(c) Bird
(d) Bear trap

10. Why doesn't Brian use the emergency transmitter?
(a) It's too wet.
(b) It is stuck in the bottom of the pack.
(c) He thinks it is broken.
(d) He does not know how to work it.

11. What bright object catches Brian's eye?
(a) Tail of the plane
(b) The blade of the hatchet
(c) A new flock of birds
(d) A piece of shiny metal

12. What does Brian consider his survival skills to be?
(a) Foolishness
(b) A game
(c) Futile
(d) Masculine

13. Why was it so hard for Brian to kill a bird?
(a) They tended to attack if he got too close.
(b) They were camouflaged.
(c) He didn't know how.
(d) They were too fast.

14. Which of these items was not in the survival pack?
(a) Rifle
(b) Silverware
(c) Fishing equipment
(d) Candy bar

15. What type of bird does Brian spot near the lake?
(a) Hawk
(b) Sparrow
(c) Owl
(d) Kingfisher

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Brian say to the pilot after he identifies himself?

2. What important thing does Brian notice next time he sees a bear?

3. Why couldn't Brian catch any fish?

4. How does Brian preserve the remaining food?

5. What causes Brian to be rescued?

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