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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Brian build from logs?
(a) Bathtub
(b) Barbecue pit
(c) Raft
(d) Fence

2. What does Brian discover when he first wakes up in the night?
(a) The food is all gone.
(b) It is raining.
(c) There is an animal right outside.
(d) The fire is almost out.

3. Which of these items was not in the survival pack?
(a) Silverware
(b) Candy bar
(c) Rifle
(d) Fishing equipment

4. How does Brian get back into the plane?
(a) Pushes in and cuts away the aluminum
(b) Breaks a window
(c) He doesn't
(d) Saws off part of the tail

5. Why was it so hard for Brian to kill a bird?
(a) They were too fast.
(b) He didn't know how.
(c) They were camouflaged.
(d) They tended to attack if he got too close.

6. What was Brian's main concern about the new food?
(a) It was raw.
(b) The animal might come back for it.
(c) It had dirt all over it.
(d) It looked spoiled.

7. A group of what lives on the opposite shore?
(a) Coyotes
(b) Foolbirds
(c) Beavers
(d) Turtles

8. What bright object catches Brian's eye?
(a) The blade of the hatchet
(b) A new flock of birds
(c) A piece of shiny metal
(d) Tail of the plane

9. How does Brian trap the potential food?
(a) A makeshift net
(b) By building a pit
(c) With a mesh gate
(d) He sneaks up on it

10. Brian compares a clearing in the woods to what?
(a) Green carpet
(b) Emeralds
(c) His backyard
(d) Golf course

11. What new tool does Brian make?
(a) Knife
(b) Hoe
(c) Hammer
(d) Spear

12. What tries to steal Brian's food?
(a) Trespasser
(b) Wolf
(c) Coyote
(d) Skunk

13. Why doesn't Brian use the emergency transmitter?
(a) It's too wet.
(b) He thinks it is broken.
(c) He does not know how to work it.
(d) It is stuck in the bottom of the pack.

14. What morning activity does Brian see as being silly?
(a) Swimming
(b) Carving wood
(c) Cleaning the campsite
(d) Going for a long walk

15. How long has it been since the plane crashed?
(a) 42 days
(b) 31 days
(c) 47 days
(d) 53 days

Short Answer Questions

1. Brian spends the afternoon and early evening doing what?

2. Which of these things did not happen after Brian became depressed?

3. What causes Brian to run to the top of the ridge?

4. What does Brian use for fish bait?

5. What types of trees were dead on the ground?

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