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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Brian have a hard time figuring out what animal had visited?
(a) It was too dark.
(b) The ground was too hard to leave a trace.
(c) He couldn't read the tracks.
(d) It left no marks.

2. Which of these things was not in Brian's way to getting inside the plane?
(a) Cables
(b) Metal
(c) Seaweed
(d) Braces

3. Why does Brian feel so hopeless?
(a) He is hungry.
(b) It's bitterly cold.
(c) His leg hurts.
(d) No one is coming for him.

4. Why was it so hard for Brian to kill a bird?
(a) They were too fast.
(b) They tended to attack if he got too close.
(c) They were camouflaged.
(d) He didn't know how.

5. The bird reminds Brian of a flying what?
(a) Pear
(b) Apple
(c) Baseball
(d) Football

6. Which of these things did not happen after Brian became depressed?
(a) Forgets to eat
(b) Aggravates the bear
(c) Tries to kill himself
(d) Lets the fire go out

7. What type of bird does Brian spot near the lake?
(a) Owl
(b) Sparrow
(c) Kingfisher
(d) Hawk

8. Brian compares a clearing in the woods to what?
(a) Emeralds
(b) Green carpet
(c) His backyard
(d) Golf course

9. What animal came toward Brian's shelter in the night?
(a) Bear
(b) Turtle
(c) Raccoon
(d) Wolf

10. Which of these items was not in the survival pack?
(a) Silverware
(b) Fishing equipment
(c) Rifle
(d) Candy bar

11. Why is Brian confused after he catches a bird?
(a) He needs to figure out how to keep from being pecked.
(b) He cannot tell if it is a male or female.
(c) He cannot figure out how to kill it.
(d) He does not know how to clean it.

12. How does Brian keep track of time?
(a) A calendar
(b) His watch
(c) Marks on the wall
(d) Using the moon

13. Which of these is not an issue with storing food?
(a) There is no more food to store.
(b) There are no containers to put it in.
(c) It would spoil.
(d) Animals could get it.

14. What image scares Brian the most?
(a) Vultures
(b) Animal carcasses
(c) Hail falling from the sky
(d) The dead pilot

15. The bird encouraged Brian to what?
(a) Fish
(b) Pick berries
(c) Bask in the sun
(d) Climb atop a tree

Short Answer Questions

1. What is most noticeable about Brian's appearance?

2. What causes Brian to be rescued?

3. Where does Brian decide to store food?

4. What was the next tool Brian created?

5. Which of these is not one of Brian's "First Days?"

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