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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 19.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. With what animal does Brian reach an unspoken agreement?
(a) Beaver
(b) Wolf
(c) Moose
(d) Bear

2. What causes Brian to be rescued?
(a) Explosion
(b) Lightning storm
(c) Signal Fire
(d) Emergency transmitter

3. What do the pedals on the floor of the plane control?
(a) Brake
(b) Gas
(c) Rudder
(d) Engine speed

4. Which of these is not an issue with storing food?
(a) There is no more food to store.
(b) Animals could get it.
(c) It would spoil.
(d) There are no containers to put it in.

5. What item did Brian not have on his person after the crash?
(a) Belt
(b) Lighter
(c) Watch
(d) Hatchet

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Brian's father do for a living?

2. What happened when Brian reached the ground safely?

3. At first, Brian could only see what through the windshield of the plane?

4. What did Brian have to say at the end of each sentence when talking into the radio?

5. What did Brian not grab onto as he tried to get free of the wreckage?

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