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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Brian finds a friend in what?
(a) Water
(b) Bears
(c) Fire
(d) Birds

2. What was the missing element to create a good fire?
(a) Dry wood
(b) Spark
(c) Oxygen
(d) Charcoal

3. What is Brian's reward for all the hard work?
(a) Hike
(b) Egg
(c) Nap
(d) Fish

4. Why did Brian think he couldn't land in the water?
(a) He was too scared.
(b) The plane was out of control.
(c) He didn't know how to land.
(d) It wasn't close enough.

5. Which of these things did not happen after Brian became depressed?
(a) Forgets to eat
(b) Tries to kill himself
(c) Aggravates the bear
(d) Lets the fire go out

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Brian's best hope for rescue?

2. How long was Brian supposed to stay with his father?

3. What is The Secret?

4. From where had the animal come?

5. At first, Brian could only see what through the windshield of the plane?

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