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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Brian confused after he catches a bird?
(a) He cannot figure out how to kill it.
(b) He does not know how to clean it.
(c) He cannot tell if it is a male or female.
(d) He needs to figure out how to keep from being pecked.

2. Which of these is not one of Brian's "First Days?"
(a) First Rabbit Day
(b) First Wolf Day
(c) First Arrow Day
(d) First Meat Day

3. Brian spends the afternoon and early evening doing what?
(a) Carrying wood
(b) Searching for food
(c) Napping
(d) Swimming

4. Why did Brian have a hard time figuring out what animal had visited?
(a) It was too dark.
(b) He couldn't read the tracks.
(c) The ground was too hard to leave a trace.
(d) It left no marks.

5. Where does Brian think the plane landed?
(a) Upstate New York
(b) Maine
(c) Nova Scotia
(d) North Woods

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Brian's main concern about the new food?

2. What did the animal leave behind?

3. What food did Brian wish for?

4. Brian chided himself for being what?

5. What does Brian discover when he first wakes up in the night?

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