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Brian's most cherished possession

Cessna 406 Bush Plane

How Brian travels to visit his father

Canadian Wilderness

The territory where Brian is left stranded

The Lake

The source of Brian's drinking water

The Camp

The place where Brian builds a shelter


Another name for Brian's makeshift shelter

Gut Cherries

Another name for chokecherries


Also known as ruffled grouse

The Ridge

The top of the rock outcropping where Brian builds his signal fire

Two-Pronged Spear

Brian's first handmade tool

Fish Arrow

Tool constructed by Brian

Food Shelf

Deterrent to animals stealing food

Fish Pond

What Brian uses to save food

First Meat

What Brian craves after eating nothing but berries, nuts, and fish

Brushpile One

The raft Brian builds to float out to the submerged plane

Survival Pack

Holds vital items in the plane, including provisions

Fish Arrowheads

What Brian makes from the aluminum skin of the...

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