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Hatchet - Brian's most cherished possession

Cessna 406 Bush Plane - How Brian travels to visit his father

Canadian Wilderness - The territory where Brian is left stranded

The Lake - The source of Brian's drinking water

The Camp - The place where Brian builds a shelter

Home - Another name for Brian's makeshift shelter

Gut Cherries - Another name for chokecherries

Foolbirds - Also known as ruffled grouse

The Ridge - The top of the rock outcropping where Brian builds his signal fire

Two-Pronged Spear - Brian's first handmade tool

Fish Arrow - Tool constructed by Brian

Food Shelf - Deterrent to animals stealing food

Fish Pond - What Brian uses to save food

First Meat - What Brian craves after eating nothing but berries, nuts, and fish

Brushpile One - The raft Brian builds to float out to the submerged plane

Survival Pack - Holds vital...

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