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Chapter 1

Brian prepares to go to Canada to visit his father.

Brian's parents have divorced.

Brian's mother gives him a hatchet.
It is Brian's first time in a bushplane.

The pilot has a heart attack and dies.

Brian is alone and does not know how to fly.

Chapter 2

The plane flies off course.

Brian contacts someone by radio.

The radio loses reception.

Brian continues to try and get help.
Brian tries to recall everything he knows about flying.

Brian tries to decide where and how to land.

The plane's single engine dies.

Chapter 3

There is a lake ahead.

Brian lands the plane as best he can.

The plane lands on a lake.

Brian manages to get out of the plane.

There is land nearby.

Brain swims/crawls to safety.

Brian blacks out.
Brian manages to get out of the plane.

There is land nearby.


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