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Short Answer Questions

1. What is Elwood's outlook when Wilson brings him to Dr. Sanderson?

2. What does Elwood carry around with him?

3. In whom does Miss Kelly seem to be romantically interested in Act 1, Scene 2?

4. What detail about Elwood does Veta originally reveal to Dr. Sanderson?

5. Whom does Dr. Sanderson believe needs immediate treatment?

Short Essay Questions

1. What becomes clear about Elwood in Act 2, Scene 2?

2. What is Veta's rationale for having Elwood submit to the Formula 977 shot?

3. Given the type of person Elwood is and the actions he takes all throughout the play, do you think he is telling the truth about Harvey, hallucinating, or just pretending all along? Please provide support for your answers.

4. What is Elwood's reaction to the parcel brought out by Myrtle Mae?

5. Why do you think Veta is relieved to see "only people" when she arrives at Chumley's Rest in Act 3?

6. Given Veta's reactions to Elwood and her daughter, do you think she truly disbelieves her brother regarding Harvey?

7. Veta explains to Dr. Sanderson that Elwood has some quirks, including drinking. What does this imply about Elwood?

8. In the second scene of Act 2, what does Miss Kelly find out when she calls Charlie's Place to verify Elwood's story?

9. Why does Dr. Chumley reinstate Dr. Sanderson in Act 3?

10. Why do you suppose Elwood insists on introducing Harvey to everyone?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Toward the end of the play, Elwood tells the doctor about his mother's advice in order to be successful and his reaction to it: "In this world you must be oh, so smart or, oh so pleasant. I was smart. I recommend pleasant." What do you think this quote means in the context of Elwood's character in the play? What does this reveal about Elwood and what he knows about himself and the world around him? Please support your answers.

Essay Topic 2

In much of the play, Elwood carries around a raincoat and hat, even though he is wearing a raincoat and hat. What does this say about Elwood as a person? Why would he do such a thing? Please support your thesis from the text.

Essay Topic 3

Throughout the play "Harvey", Mary Chase weaves a theme about how humans need to hold onto their dreams. This is best articulated by Veta when she is speaking with Judge Gaffney in Act 2, Scene 1. Do you believe the author is trying to say that, although Harvey may not be real, it is important for people to believe in something beyond themselves that, ultimately, makes them better? Please support your thesis from examples based on the text.

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