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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Elwood Dowd find in Myrtle Mae Simmons' package?
(a) A wooden plaque engraved to Harvey.
(b) A portrait of Elwood Dowd and Harvey.
(c) A family tree book.
(d) A small bundle of books about Pookas.

2. After several drinks, with whom did Dr. William Chumley get into an argument over who should pay?
(a) The barkeep.
(b) Harvey.
(c) Veta Simmons.
(d) Elwood Dowd.

3. Myrtle Mae Simmons insists that the judge do what?
(a) Call an area-wide search for Elwood Dowd.
(b) Set her up with Ethel Chauvenet's grandson.
(c) Talk some sense to Dr. William Chumley.
(d) Find Elwood Dowd and lock him up.

4. What happens as Elwood Dowd talks to his sister on the phone?
(a) Harvey greets the people in the mansion.
(b) Elwood Dowd curses under his breath.
(c) Elwood Dowd hangs up in a panic.
(d) Harvey arrives where Elwood Dowd is.

5. Who enters, looking disheveled and shaken?
(a) Elwood Dowd.
(b) Myrtle Mae Simmons.
(c) Veta Simmons.
(d) Dr. William Chumley.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who calls in to speak with Veta Simmons?

2. What does Elwood do before leaving the scene again?

3. To whom is Myrtle Mae Simmons immediately attracted?

4. What does Myrtle Mae Simmons bring into the room as proof her uncle is not well?

5. What is Veta Simmons' reaction when she sees the portrait of Elwood Dowd and Harvey on the mantle?

Short Essay Questions

1. What becomes clear about Elwood Dowd in this scene?

2. What is Veta Simmons' reasoning for why she was committed instead of Elwood Dowd?

3. What is Elwood Dowd's reaction to the parcel brought out by Myrtle Mae Simmons?

4. With whom does Elwood Dowd speak to on the phone when he arrives home and what does he talk about?

5. What tactic does Dr. William Chumley use to get Elwood Dowd to return home again? Is it successful?

6. What are some of the reasons Veta Simmons is visibly shaken up and disheveled-looking when she first appears in this scene?

7. Why is Veta Simmons speech about the importance of art significant, if at all?

8. Who enters the sanitarium toward the end of this scene? What is this person's emotional state?

9. Why do you think Wilson is agitated when he finally locates Elwood Dowd back at Chumley's Rest?

10. While Veta Simmons and Dr. William Chumley are arguing, what happens?

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