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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Myrtle Mae Simmons wonder aloud about her uncle, Eldwood Dowd?
(a) Why he can't just be run over by a truck.
(b) Why he can't be normal like her mother.
(c) Why he carries around an extra hat and raincoat.
(d) Why he isn't in show business.

2. With whom does Elwood Dowd consult about a potential dinner with Ethel Chauvenet?
(a) Veta Simmons.
(b) Harvey.
(c) Dr. William Chumley.
(d) Myrtle Mae Simmons.

3. What does Dr. Lyman Sanderson ask about Veta Simmons?
(a) Whether or not she would like a job at Chumley's rest.
(b) Where she currently lives.
(c) When can she come in for therapy.
(d) What her habits are and if she's still grieving for her mother.

4. What is Elwood Dowd's outlook when Wilson brings him to Dr. Lyman Sanderson?
(a) Sad but compliant.
(b) Outraged and angry.
(c) Wryly amused.
(d) Cheerful and polite.

5. How do the employees of the sanitarium regard Dr. William Chumley?
(a) They think he only cares about money.
(b) They think he's over the hill and needs to retire.
(c) They think he's going broke.
(d) They are very respectful of him.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the orderly in Chumley's rest?

2. How tall is Harvey, according to Elwood Dowd?

3. With whom does Elwood Dowd discuss the details of the book he picked from the bookshelf?

4. Who is speaking to Veta Simmons as the scene opens?

5. While talking to Veta Simmons, what does Dr. Lyman Sanderson do?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Elwood Dowd's feelings toward Ruth Kelly.

2. Why does Ethel Chauvenet react the way she does when introduced to Harvey?

3. Do you think that Ethel Chauvenet could see Harvey, given that he likes her very much?

4. What does Elwood Dowd keep trying to do over and over again, only to be interrupted?

5. Why is Dr. Lyman Sanderson mortified when he learns that Elwood Dowd has been sent upstairs at the sanitarium?

6. Why is Veta Simmons trying to get accepted by the town's society folk?

7. Why does Veta Simmons ask her daughter to be especially nice to Ethel Chauvenet?

8. How do Ruth Kelly and Dr. Lyman Sanderson interact throughout this scene? What does this reveal about their relationship.

9. When Veta Simmons asks Elwood Dowd to wait for her in the parlor, what do you think she wants to talk to him about?

10. Why do you suppose Elwood Dowd insists on introducing Harvey to everyone?

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