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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dr. Lyman Sanderson posit as the reason why Veta Simmons came to Chumley's Rest?
(a) To discredit her brother, Elwood Dowd, before he could have her committed.
(b) To admit Elwood Dowd to the sanitarium.
(c) To provide the staff of Chumley's Rest with some polite chat.
(d) Because with Elwood Dowd committed, she would inherit the mansion.

2. What is Ethel Chauvenet's reaction to Elwood Dowd's imaginary friend?
(a) She is oddly accepting of it.
(b) She calls the sanitarium immediately.
(c) She introduces Elwood Dowd to her own imaginary friend.
(d) She is horrified and wants to get away.

3. Who does Elwood Dowd say that Harvey would like?
(a) Wilson.
(b) Ruth Kelly.
(c) Betty Chumley.
(d) Myrtle Mae Simmons.

4. What does Mrs. Greenawalt try to sell Elwood Dowd over the phone?
(a) A vacation package.
(b) A vacuum.
(c) A subscription.
(d) A set of custom knives.

5. What observation does Myrtle Mae Simmons make about her mother in relation to her uncle, Elwood Dowd?
(a) That Veta Simmons is no match for Elwood Dowd.
(b) That she is too nice to Elwood Dowd and should shun him.
(c) That she is too sympathetic to Elwood Dowd's friend, Harvey.
(d) That she is a good cook and party hostess.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is Elwood Dowd dressed when we first see him?

2. How do the employees of the sanitarium regard Dr. William Chumley?

3. What does Wilson read at the end of this scene?

4. What are Veta Simmons and Ruth Kelly talking about?

5. Where does Wilson say he left Veta Simmons after he took her upstairs in the sanitarium?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Dr. Lyman Sanderson believe is Veta Simmons' motivation for coming to the sanitarium and telling him about Elwood Dowd and Harvey?

2. Describe the nurse, Ruth Kelly.

3. When Veta Simmons asks Elwood Dowd to wait for her in the parlor, what do you think she wants to talk to him about?

4. Why is Veta Simmons trying to get accepted by the town's society folk?

5. Describe Elwood Dowd.

6. Describe Elwood Dowd's feelings toward Ruth Kelly.

7. Is the relationship between the nurse and Dr. Lyman Sanderson purely professional?

8. According to Veta Simmons, to whom did her mother leave everything, including the mansion?

9. Why does Veta Simmons ask her daughter to be especially nice to Ethel Chauvenet?

10. How does Myrtle Mae Simmons feel about her uncle?

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