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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who comes to the house, asking about Veta Simmons?
(a) Mrs. Greenawalt.
(b) Judge Gaffney.
(c) Dr. Lyman Sanderson.
(d) Wilson.

2. What does Elwood Dowd tell Ruth Kelly about Dr. William Chumley's whereabouts?
(a) He is on a train to Pittsburgh.
(b) He is at the Dowd mansion.
(c) He doesn't know where Dr. William Chumley is.
(d) He is at Charlie's Place.

3. Veta Simmons informs Dr. William Chumley that she knows where Elwood Dowd is. Where is he?
(a) He's at the sanitarium.
(b) He's waiting at the bus stop.
(c) He's at Charlie's Place.
(d) He's in the mansion's basement.

4. What is Veta Simmons' reaction when she sees the portrait of Elwood Dowd and Harvey on the mantle?
(a) She laughs uncontrollably.
(b) She shrieks and runs out of the room.
(c) She pretends she doesn't see it.
(d) She nearly faints.

5. Who says "A painting shows not only the reality but the dream behind it"?
(a) Elwood Dowd.
(b) Wilson.
(c) Veta Simmons.
(d) Dr. William Chumley.

6. According to the phone conversation at the beginning of this scene, who has gone missing for four hours?
(a) Veta Simmons.
(b) Dr. William Chumley.
(c) Mrs. Greenawalt.
(d) Elwood Dowd.

7. Where does Elwood Dowd say he and Harvey have adventures every night?
(a) In bars.
(b) The Dowd mansion's basement.
(c) The city.
(d) In a mystical land.

8. What does Dr. William Chumley believe?
(a) He is being followed.
(b) He is beginning to understand Elwood Dowd.
(c) He is able to see Harvey
(d) All responses are correct.

9. Myrtle Mae Simmons insists that the judge do what?
(a) Call an area-wide search for Elwood Dowd.
(b) Set her up with Ethel Chauvenet's grandson.
(c) Find Elwood Dowd and lock him up.
(d) Talk some sense to Dr. William Chumley.

10. What does Dr. William Chumley want to know about Elwood Dowd?
(a) If Harvey is with Elwood Dowd.
(b) If Elwood Dowd would save him a seat at Charlie's Place.
(c) Where Elwood Dowd is.
(d) If Elwood Dowd really sees something the rest of them don't.

11. Where does Dr. Lyman Sanderson claim to have seen Ruth Kelly last Saturday?
(a) At the mall.
(b) At a cocktail party.
(c) At a restaurant.
(d) At a dance.

12. What does Myrtle Mae Simmons bring into the room as proof her uncle is not well?
(a) A diary written by Elwood Dowd to Harvey.
(b) A large flat parcel.
(c) A collection of rabbit-themed dinner plates.
(d) A sculpture of Plato.

13. Where has Wilson been searching for Elwood Dowd?
(a) Area bars.
(b) The corridors of Chumley's Rest.
(c) Local sporting events.
(d) Under the stairwell.

14. What does Dr. Lyman Sanderson ask Elwood Dowd to do?
(a) Quit talking about Harvey.
(b) Pay for the drinks and Charlie's.
(c) Get ready to be admitted to the sanitarium.
(d) Recount the night's events.

15. Who holds back Wilson when he tries to physically assault Elwood Dowd?
(a) Dr. Lyman Sanderson.
(b) Dr. William Chumley.
(c) Veta Simmons.
(d) Ruth Kelly.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Judge Gaffney feel about Elwood Dowd being locked up in the sanitarium?

2. As the scene opens, who is talking on the phone?

3. What does Elwood Dowd find in Myrtle Mae Simmons' package?

4. What does Elwood Dowd tell Dr. Lyman Sanderson about the name Harvey?

5. Where does this scene take place?

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