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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Wilson's attitude toward Elwood Dowd's story regarding Dr. William Chumley?
(a) He believes Elwood Dowd.
(b) He is amazed and speechless.
(c) He is extremely skeptical.
(d) He couldn't care less.

2. Who enters, looking disheveled and shaken?
(a) Myrtle Mae Simmons.
(b) Elwood Dowd.
(c) Dr. William Chumley.
(d) Veta Simmons.

3. What does Elwood Dowd find in Myrtle Mae Simmons' package?
(a) A small bundle of books about Pookas.
(b) A portrait of Elwood Dowd and Harvey.
(c) A family tree book.
(d) A wooden plaque engraved to Harvey.

4. According to Judge Gaffney, what are some of Elwood Dowd's strong points?
(a) Dashing, forceful, and brave.
(b) Absent-minded, helpful.
(c) Creative, strong, and quick-witted.
(d) Brains, personality and friends.

5. What does Veta Simmons believe is protecting her brother?
(a) The Pooka.
(b) A small revolver.
(c) An uncommon good luck streak.
(d) Sheer naivete.

6. According to Veta Simmons, what keeps people going and separates them from "the beasts"?
(a) Our dreams.
(b) Desire for acceptance.
(c) Gasoline-powered cars.
(d) Ambition.

7. What does Elwood Dowd tell Ruth Kelly about Dr. William Chumley's whereabouts?
(a) He is on a train to Pittsburgh.
(b) He doesn't know where Dr. William Chumley is.
(c) He is at Charlie's Place.
(d) He is at the Dowd mansion.

8. What does Veta Simmons try to get Elwood Dowd to do?
(a) To run as far away as he can.
(b) Go ahead and commit her to the sanitarium.
(c) Come back to the mansion looking for Harvey.
(d) Turn himself in at the police station.

9. Veta Simmons informs Dr. William Chumley that she knows where Elwood Dowd is. Where is he?
(a) He's at the sanitarium.
(b) He's at Charlie's Place.
(c) He's waiting at the bus stop.
(d) He's in the mansion's basement.

10. What does Elwood Dowd tell Dr. Lyman Sanderson about the name Harvey?
(a) It's easy to spell.
(b) He likes it because its a gentle-sounding name.
(c) His uncle was named Harvey.
(d) He never met anyone named that before.

11. Where was Harvey when Elwood Dowd first met him?
(a) At Chumley's Rest.
(b) By a river.
(c) Leaning against a white lamp post.
(d) In the Dowd mansion.

12. Where has Wilson been searching for Elwood Dowd?
(a) Under the stairwell.
(b) The corridors of Chumley's Rest.
(c) Local sporting events.
(d) Area bars.

13. What does Veta Simmons ask the judge to do?
(a) Help her to her room.
(b) Take her out to dinner.
(c) Sue the sanitarium.
(d) Execute a restraining order on Wilson.

14. What does Dr. Lyman Sanderson tell Elwood Dowd?
(a) He's sorry they committed Veta Simmons.
(b) He believes he can see Harvey, too.
(c) He has to face reality.
(d) He and Ruth Kelly are running off together.

15. Where does Veta Simmons tell Elwood Dowd that Harvey is located?
(a) In the mansion's bathtub.
(b) At the mailbox across the road.
(c) In the mansion's basement.
(d) At the sanitarium.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Ruth Kelly's reaction to Elwood Dowd's story about Dr. William Chumley?

2. Myrtle Mae Simmons insists that the judge do what?

3. What does Ruth Kelly ask Elwood Dowd when she first sees him in this scene?

4. In this scene, Dr. William Chumley and Judge Gaffney visit whom upstairs in the Dowd mansion?

5. According to the phone conversation at the beginning of this scene, who has gone missing for four hours?

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