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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Elwood Dowd tell Ruth Kelly about Dr. William Chumley's whereabouts?
(a) He is at Charlie's Place.
(b) He doesn't know where Dr. William Chumley is.
(c) He is on a train to Pittsburgh.
(d) He is at the Dowd mansion.

2. What is Dr. William Chumley's emotional state when he enters the sanitarium?
(a) He is crying.
(b) He is nervous.
(c) He is punch drunk.
(d) He is babbling incoherently.

3. According to Judge Gaffney, what are some of Elwood Dowd's strong points?
(a) Creative, strong, and quick-witted.
(b) Brains, personality and friends.
(c) Absent-minded, helpful.
(d) Dashing, forceful, and brave.

4. How does Judge Gaffney feel about Elwood Dowd being locked up in the sanitarium?
(a) He is amused.
(b) He feels vindicated.
(c) He feels bad about it.
(d) He is relieved that Elwood Dowd is finally getting some help.

5. Veta Simmons was extremely upset by the doctors' questions at Chumley's Rest because they all related to _______________.
(a) Potty training.
(b) Celtic mythology.
(c) Giant rabbits.
(d) Sexual urges.

6. What does Elwood Dowd tell Dr. Lyman Sanderson about the name Harvey?
(a) He never met anyone named that before.
(b) It's easy to spell.
(c) His uncle was named Harvey.
(d) He likes it because its a gentle-sounding name.

7. What does Elwood Dowd do immediately upon arriving home?
(a) He picks up Myrtle Mae Simmons' package and runs outside with it.
(b) He pours himself some liquor from the bottle hidden in the bookshelf.
(c) He makes a phone call to Betty Chumley.
(d) He sneaks down to the basement to be alone.

8. What is Wilson's attitude toward Elwood Dowd's story regarding Dr. William Chumley?
(a) He believes Elwood Dowd.
(b) He couldn't care less.
(c) He is amazed and speechless.
(d) He is extremely skeptical.

9. What does Myrtle Mae Simmons bring into the room as proof her uncle is not well?
(a) A sculpture of Plato.
(b) A diary written by Elwood Dowd to Harvey.
(c) A collection of rabbit-themed dinner plates.
(d) A large flat parcel.

10. How did Harvey receive his name, according to Elwood Dowd?
(a) Harvey told Elwood Dowd what his name was.
(b) Harvey let Elwood Dowd pick the name.
(c) The name was drawn at random from a hat.
(d) Harvey was given his name by a higher power.

11. Where does Elwood Dowd put the contents he finds in Myrtle Mae Simmons' flat parcel?
(a) In the hallway, near the hall tree.
(b) In the garbage.
(c) On the mantle, over the picture of his mother.
(d) On the back of the front door to the mansion.

12. What does Dr. William Chumley believe?
(a) He is able to see Harvey
(b) He is being followed.
(c) He is beginning to understand Elwood Dowd.
(d) All responses are correct.

13. Veta Simmons informs Dr. William Chumley that she knows where Elwood Dowd is. Where is he?
(a) He's in the mansion's basement.
(b) He's waiting at the bus stop.
(c) He's at the sanitarium.
(d) He's at Charlie's Place.

14. What does Veta Simmons believe is protecting her brother?
(a) The Pooka.
(b) An uncommon good luck streak.
(c) Sheer naivete.
(d) A small revolver.

15. What does Elwood Dowd want to know from Ruth Kelly and Dr. Lyman Sanderson?
(a) If Wilson is as grumpy as he seems.
(b) Whether or not they are an item.
(c) Where Harvey's hat and coat are.
(d) If they are ready to go out for drinks.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Elwood Dowd respond to Wilson's questions?

2. What does Dr. Lyman Sanderson tell Elwood Dowd?

3. Where does Dr. William Chumley go to hide?

4. What does Veta Simmons try to get Elwood Dowd to do?

5. To whom is Myrtle Mae Simmons immediately attracted?

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