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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Elwood Dowd do immediately upon arriving home?
(a) He picks up Myrtle Mae Simmons' package and runs outside with it.
(b) He pours himself some liquor from the bottle hidden in the bookshelf.
(c) He makes a phone call to Betty Chumley.
(d) He sneaks down to the basement to be alone.

2. Who calls in to speak with Veta Simmons?
(a) Elwood Dowd.
(b) Ruth Kelly.
(c) Wilson.
(d) Dr. William Chumley.

3. Myrtle Mae Simmons insists that the judge do what?
(a) Talk some sense to Dr. William Chumley.
(b) Find Elwood Dowd and lock him up.
(c) Set her up with Ethel Chauvenet's grandson.
(d) Call an area-wide search for Elwood Dowd.

4. What does Dr. Lyman Sanderson tell Elwood Dowd?
(a) He has to face reality.
(b) He and Ruth Kelly are running off together.
(c) He believes he can see Harvey, too.
(d) He's sorry they committed Veta Simmons.

5. What is Wilson's attitude toward Elwood Dowd's story regarding Dr. William Chumley?
(a) He believes Elwood Dowd.
(b) He couldn't care less.
(c) He is amazed and speechless.
(d) He is extremely skeptical.

6. What does Veta Simmons try to get Elwood Dowd to do?
(a) Turn himself in at the police station.
(b) To run as far away as he can.
(c) Go ahead and commit her to the sanitarium.
(d) Come back to the mansion looking for Harvey.

7. Where does Elwood Dowd tell Betty Chumley about his location?
(a) That he was at Charlie's Place.
(b) That he was where he was.
(c) That he was at home.
(d) That he was at Chumley's Rest.

8. According to Judge Gaffney, what are some of Elwood Dowd's strong points?
(a) Absent-minded, helpful.
(b) Brains, personality and friends.
(c) Creative, strong, and quick-witted.
(d) Dashing, forceful, and brave.

9. What does Dr. William Chumley believe?
(a) All responses are correct.
(b) He is being followed.
(c) He is beginning to understand Elwood Dowd.
(d) He is able to see Harvey

10. Who enters with a bouquet of flowers for Ruth Kelly?
(a) Wilson.
(b) Veta Simmons.
(c) Dr. William Chumley.
(d) Elwood Dowd.

11. What does Veta Simmons ask the judge to do?
(a) Sue the sanitarium.
(b) Take her out to dinner.
(c) Execute a restraining order on Wilson.
(d) Help her to her room.

12. What happens as Elwood Dowd talks to his sister on the phone?
(a) Harvey arrives where Elwood Dowd is.
(b) Harvey greets the people in the mansion.
(c) Elwood Dowd hangs up in a panic.
(d) Elwood Dowd curses under his breath.

13. Who does Ruth Kelly call to verify Elwood Dowd's story?
(a) Ethel Chauvenet.
(b) Veta Simmons.
(c) Charlie's Place.
(d) Mrs. Greenawalt.

14. Who enters, looking disheveled and shaken?
(a) Dr. William Chumley.
(b) Elwood Dowd.
(c) Myrtle Mae Simmons.
(d) Veta Simmons.

15. What does Dr. William Chumley ask Wilson to do?
(a) Be careful.
(b) Lock the front door.
(c) Clear out his desk.
(d) Feed the cat.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ruth Kelly ask Elwood Dowd when she first sees him in this scene?

2. After several drinks, with whom did Dr. William Chumley get into an argument over who should pay?

3. Veta Simmons was extremely upset by the doctors' questions at Chumley's Rest because they all related to _______________.

4. Where does Elwood Dowd say Dr. William Chumley found him?

5. What does Dr. William Chumley want to know about Elwood Dowd?

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