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Act 1, Scene 1

• The telephone is ringing in the Dowd mansion and Myrtle Mae Simmons answers.

• The phone call is for Myrtle Mae's mother, Veta Simmons.

• The call is from the Society Editor of the local paper.

• There are guests in the other parts of the house.

• Myrtle Mae announces that Ethel Chauvenet, a very important guest has arrived.

• Veta mentions Ethel Chauvenet has a grandson about Myrtle Mae's age.

• Myrtle Mae complains about her "screwball" uncle wrecking her social plans.

• Myrtle Mae makes disparaging comments about her uncle, Elwood Dowd, and his friend, Harvey.

• Veta mentions her mother had left everything to Elwood and the mansion was his.

• Elwood enters the room, wearing a hat and raincoat, and carrying another hat and raincoat.

• Elwood is seemingly alone, but is conversing with someone not seen.

• Elwood refers to the unseen friend as "Harvey".

• Elwood receives a phone call from...

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