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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Paige tell Nicholas about Max as she follows him during his rounds?
(a) She thinks he is getting sick.
(b) He said "mama."
(c) He grew an inch.
(d) She loves him.

2. What is Nicholas referring to when he says the first time was for forgiving, the second for forgetting and the third for beginning again?
(a) Praying.
(b) Saying their vows.
(c) Making love.
(d) Reconciling.

3. After observing Nicholas all day, what does Paige realize the hospital is to him?
(a) Heaven.
(b) Hell.
(c) Prison.
(d) Home.

4. Astrid tells Max her own version of what famous fairytale?
(a) Cinderella.
(b) Sleeping Beauty.
(c) Snow White.
(d) Beauty and the Beast.

5. Whose house does Paige follow Nicholas to when she thinks he is taking Max to daycare?
(a) Rachel's.
(b) A babysitter's.
(c) Astrid's.
(d) Forgerty's.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Paige picture herself going to college someday?

2. What is the name of the patient whose portrait Paige draws before he dies on Nicholas' operating table?

3. What does Nicholas do after Paige reaches for him and Max while they are standing at the front door?

4. What is Nicholas' reaction when he sees Paige working at the hospital?

5. Who is Paige talking to as she stumbles around the Government Center?

Short Essay Questions

1. What version of the Cinderella story does Astrid tell Max?

2. What happens when Paige tells Nicholas the truth about her past?

3. Describe how Nicholas seems very conflicted as he interacts with Paige after returning home with Max to find her still in front of his house?

4. What is Nicholas' reaction when Paige shows up on his doorstep after being gone for months?

5. How does Paige react when something seems off with Max in Chapter 40?

6. What is May's reaction when Paige tells her she plans to return to her husband and son?

7. How does Nicholas feel when he discovers Paige with Max at his parents' house?

8. What surprising news does May have when Paige calls her mother to apologize for how she left?

9. What is Paige thinking after she believes Max is dead?

10. What does Nicholas and Paige making love three time represent?

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