Harvesting the Heart Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What memory does Paige have about her mother in a recurring dream?

Paige remembers the dream she often had after her son's birth. The dream turns out to be a memory of Paige and her mother. There are water stains on their kitchen ceiling when Paige is little. Paige thinks they look like horses, so Paige's mother says they should color them in; she helps Paige draw a mural across the ceiling. Paige's father paints over the mural a few weeks after her mother's disappearance.

2. How does Paige get a job at the diner, Mercy?

Paige finds herself in a diner called Mercy a few days after she gets off a bus in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Paige is in desperate need of a job, but the owner of the diner does not need a waitress and sends her on her way. Before Paige leaves, she draws a portrait of the man on the back of a menu. The portrait has a picture of a woman with horrible scars on her back. Paige has always had the gift of drawing people's secrets within her portraits, and hopes this time it will get her a job. Paige leaves the drawing on the counter and waits outside the door. After seeing the picture, the man, Lionel, finds her and tells her she can have the job. Then Lionel tells her about his grandmother, Mercy, who had been a slave in Georgia. This is the woman Paige draws in his portrait.

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