Harvesting the Heart Character Descriptions

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Paige O'Toole Prescott

This character runs away the day after high school graduation.

Nicholas Prescott

This character is the child of an affluent doctor and a famous photographer.

Patrick O'Toole

This character has always wanted to return to Ireland.

May O'Toole

This character becomes a player in a Wild West show.

Astrid Prescott

This character is a famous photographer.

Robert Prescott

This character was born poor, but worked hard for a privileged place in society.

Max Prescott

This character falls off the couch at three months old and gets a bloody nose.

Alistair Forgerty

The chief of cardiothoracic surgery at Mass General.

Jake Flanagan.

This person helps another character through an abortion.

The Mercy Gang

These characters provide a job and a place to sleep for a runaway.

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