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Prologue, Paige | Part 1, Conception 1985-1993, Chapter 1, Paige

• Harvesting the Heart by Jodi Picoult is a touching story about a woman who has never known a mother and therefore has no reason to believe she can be a successful mother herself.

• Paige is outside her house watching her husband change their son's diapers through the bedroom window. Paige ran away three months earlier, and Nicholas, her husband, will not let her back into the house.

• In Paige's first person point of view in Chapter 1, the reader learns several things about her. Paige has run away from home, she has an abortion, and she is raised by her father after her mother runs off.

Part 1, Conception 1985-1993, Chapter 2, Nicholas | Part 1, Conception 1985-1993, Chapter 3, Nicholas

• Nicholas is raised with everything a young man can want and does not know this is unusual until he begins college.

• Nicholas is always tops in...

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