Harvest Short Essay - Answer Key

Tess Gerritsen
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1. What does Yakov do for a living before being taken to America by Nadiya and Gregor? For what reason?

Yakov is a young orphan living in Russia. Yakov has been taken in by a pimp named Uncle Misha. Uncle MIsha forces his boys to work for a living and that work includes stealing and prostitution. Yakov does this because he does not have any other choice.

2. What does Gregor do to Uncle Misha after the boys leave the apartment?

Gregor remains behind with Uncle Misha to give him the money for the sale of the children. However, rather than pay Uncle Misha, Gregor kills him and keeps the money.

3. What causes the accident that leads to Karen Terrio's brain injury?

Karen Terrio is tired and heading home after attending a funeral. Two drunk men drive the wrong way on the highway and run head on into Karen Terrio's car thirty miles from her home.

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