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Tess Gerritsen
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 16 through 20.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Abby tell Vivien she believes is behind the law suits and the present left in her car?
(a) Mark Hodell.
(b) Vincent Voss.
(c) Bill Archer.
(d) Jeremiah Parr.

2. In Chapter 7, from what port does the reader learn the freight ship is traveling?
(a) Smolensk.
(b) Riga.
(c) Vladivostok.
(d) Murmansk.

3. Why does Victor Voss remove the wildflowers Nina Voss has been admiring in her sick room in Chapter 18?
(a) He thinks they are not suited to her.
(b) He dislikes their smell.
(c) He dislikes who sent them.
(d) He thinks she might have an allergic reaction.

4. Why do the nurses applaud Abby in Chapter 6?
(a) They like her singing.
(b) They like that she got a heart for Josh O'Day.
(c) They like that she stood up to Parr.
(d) They are reacting to a joke.

5. Why does Vivien suggest Abby move in with her in Chapter 17?
(a) She has romantic feelings for Abby.
(b) She is afraid of Mark.
(c) She thinks it will be easier for the investigation.
(d) She will be able to watch her closer.

Short Answer Questions

1. What emotional things does Yakov tell the captain of the ship he does not do in in Chapter 7?

2. Who wakes Aleksei in the middle of the night in Chapter 19?

3. In Chapter 7, how many times does the engineer tell Yakov he has been to America?

4. What is Wonderland?

5. What procedure does Mary Allen question and nearly refuse to accept in Chapter 11?

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