Objects & Places from Harvest

Tess Gerritsen
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Bayside Hospital

This is where Abbey works. The facility is known for its transplant services.


This is where Mark and Abbey live and where Bayside Hospital is located.


This is where Abbey lives with Mark.

Marblehead Marina

This is the marina where Mark and several other physicians have their boats moored.

Belfast, Maine

This is the town where Mark and several other physicians have their boats moored.

VMI International

This is Victor Voss' company.

Wilcox Memorial Hospital

This is the Burlington, Vermont, hospital that supposedly harvested the heart that is transplanted into Nina Voss' body.

Sigayev Company

This is the company that Yakov is told owns the ship on which he and his friends travel to America.

Gimme Shelter

This is the name of Mark's boat.

The New England Organ Bank

This is the organization that oversees the donation of organs for transplanting in Boston and...

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