Harvest Character Descriptions

Tess Gerritsen
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Dr. Abbey DiMatteo

This character is a resident who learns crimes are taking place in the hospital and she works to stop these crimes.


This character is an orphan who is forced into illegal activities in order to survive.

Detective Bernard Katzka

This character is a detective with the police department who has been assigned to investigate a death at Bayside.


The character is a surgeon and member of the transplant team. This character is romantically involved with another important character in the plot.

Dr. Colin Wettig

This character is a doctor who is known for being stern and demanding of his residents.

Nina Voss

This character is a wealthy person suffering from cardiomyopathy when this character receives a heart transplant at Bayside.

Victor Voss

This character is wealthy and used that wealth to buy an organ for a loved one.

Dr. Vivian Chao

This character...

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