Harvest Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Tess Gerritsen
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Chapters 1 through 5

• A man and a woman buy four children from a pimp in Russia.

• The man kills the pimp before leaving with both the boys and the money.
• A woman is driving home in the middle of the night from a funeral.

• There is a car accident in which the woman suffers terrible brain injuries.

• Resident Abby DiMatteo treats the accident victim.

• Transplant team member Vivian Chao expresses interest in taking the accident victim's organs, especially her heart.
• Abby is told the transplant team is interested in offering her a position on their team.

• Abby performs a lung biopsy on her own before talking the accident victim into donating his wife's organs.

• Vivien introduces Abby to Josh O'Day, her patient in need of a heart.

• Vivien and Abby learn that Mark Hodell, Abby's boyfriend, has ordered tests on the donor heart for another patient.
• Abby and Mark...

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