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Short Answer Questions

1. How are students introduced at Professor Slughorn's lunch on the train to Hogwarts?

2. Who arrives just in the nick of time to calm Harry down when he's upset about the stolen goods being sold in Hogsmeade?

3. What rude name do Narcissa and Bellatrix call Snape's house as they approach it?

4. How many children does Marvolo Gaunt have?

5. Who is invited to join Professor Slughorn for lunch on the train to Hogwarts?

Short Essay Questions

1. What surprising news does a letter bring Harry when he is at the Burrow, preparing to leave for Hogwarts?

2. What reason does Snape give, in response to Bellatrix's accusations, about why he doesn't go straight back to Voldemort's side when Voldemort returns?

3. What surprise announcement does Dumbledore make about a change in teachers for the new year at Hogwarts?

4. Why does Dumbledore think that he and Harry need to learn about Voldemort's childhood?

5. Why is Harry's dream of becoming an auror revived when he returns to Hogwarts?

6. What is the advertising line that Fred and George are using to sell their "U-No-Poo" product?

7. What information does the school/Hogwarts students have about what happens to Katie Bell?

8. Why is Harry not ready to go when Dumbledore arrives to pick him up from the Dursleys'?

9. What does Harry's harsh detention tell the reader about Snape's character?

10. What does Harry find particularly disappointing about the grade he receives on his Potions O.W.L.?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Rowling describes both the Prime Minister (of Muggles) and the Ministry of Magic as relatively inept, incapable governing agencies. What does this say about her own opinion of the government or ruling order? Can an author's criticism of a fictional government (or other entity) be taken as a genuine criticism of an actual government? Why or why not? What in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince supports your position on this topic?

Essay Topic 2

Complete a character analysis of Merope. What kind of girl is she? What kind of woman does she grow up to be? What is her legacy? As part of your analysis, choose at least two major life choices she makes and describe 1) their long-term effects on her life, 2) what those choices tell the reader about her character, and 3) their long-term effects on at least one other character in the novel.

Essay Topic 3

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is often classified in the science fiction/fantasy genre. Discuss at least five features of novels in this genre and what aspects of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince meet these required features.

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