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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Harry cold when he and Dumbledore enter the cave for the first time?
(a) Because he is afraid.
(b) Because he is wet.
(c) Because it is an ice cave.
(d) Because he casts a cold spell on himself so he stays awake.

2. What ominous sign greets Harry and Dumbledore when they return from their visit to the cave?
(a) Complete chaos in Hogsmeade.
(b) The Dark Mark over Hogwarts.
(c) Harry's missing leg from not Apparating properly.
(d) Broken broomsticks all over the place.

3. How long does Hagrid know Aragog?
(a) Since they are both teenagers.
(b) Since he is just an egg.
(c) 5 years.
(d) Since Hagrid finds him in the forest 10 years ago.

4. What does Harry do to increase his chances in getting the memory he needs from Slughorn?
(a) He casts a spell on Slughorn.
(b) He enlists Ron and Hermione to help in secret.
(c) He takes a sip of Felix Felicis.
(d) He takes all of the Felix Felicis in one giant gulp.

5. Why is Slughorn interested in Aragog's burial?
(a) He's not interest at all and avoids the funeral.
(b) Because he wants some of Aragog's venom.
(c) Because he wants to avoid Harry.
(d) Because he genuinely feels badly for Hagrid.

Short Answer Questions

1. What mission does Harry give Dobby while he is in the hospital wing with Ron?

2. Which horrible creature is fighting alongside the Death Eaters?

3. As the novel comes to an end, what does Harry view as his next big quest?

4. Why doesn't Hagrid bury Aragog in the Forbidden Forest?

5. What does school rumor suggest Harry tattooes on his chest?

Short Essay Questions

1. Which Hogsmeade resident is doing the work of the Death Eaters, even though it is against her will?

2. After multiple memories are examined by Harry and Dumbledore through the Pensieve, what is assumed about Voldemort's childhood?

3. What factors motivate Kreacher and Dobby's allegiance to Harry?

4. What reason does Dumbledore give as to why Voldemort's appearance changes so much over the years?

5. Why do Fred and George make fun of Harry and Ron being forced to slice meat by hand?

6. When Harry discovers her on his way to Dumbledore's office, why is Professor Trelawney screaming?

7. How do Harry, Ron, and Hermione learn of Aragog's death?

8. What mission does Dumbledore put Harry on after he returns from Christmas break?

9. What suggestion does Hermione give Harry about getting the memory he needs from Slughorn?

10. Why is Fleur angry over Mrs. Weasley's comments and actions about Bill after the battle at Hogwarts?

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