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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What must Harry make Dumbledore do once they reach the island in the middle of the lake inside the cave?
(a) Reveal the secret of their mission.
(b) Cut himself so they can offer up more blood.
(c) Cast spells on himself.
(d) Drink cupfuls of liquid that make him sick.

2. Who does Harry get into an argument with during the Gryffindor Quidditch match with Hufflepuff?
(a) Hermione Granger.
(b) Cormac McLaggan.
(c) Luna Lovegood.
(d) Neville Longbottom.

3. What does Harry plan to do to reconnect with his parents?
(a) Try to communicate with their ghosts.
(b) Research them at the Ministry archives.
(c) Visit their graves.
(d) He actually wants nothing more to do with his parents or their memory.

4. What does Harry do as soon as he returns from Hagrid's house/Aragog's funeral?
(a) He confesses his crush to Ginny.
(b) He goes to the library to research giant spider venom.
(c) He goes to see Harry and Ron.
(d) He visits Dumbledore.

5. Who takes Ron's place on the Quidditch team while Ron is recovering from being poisoned?
(a) Luna Lovegood.
(b) Hermione Granger.
(c) Cormac McLaggan.
(d) Neville Longbottom.

6. How are Crabbe and Goyle performing their lookout roles for Malfoy in Chapter 21?
(a) By pretending to be studying in the library.
(b) By disguising themselves as girls.
(c) By being armed with stink bombs from Fred and George's shop.
(d) By bribing first-year students.

7. As the novel comes to an end, what does Harry view as his next big quest?
(a) Finding Voldemort's Horcruxes.
(b) Destroying Voldemort's Horcruxes.
(c) All of these answers are correct.
(d) Killing Voldemort.

8. Before Voldemort, what is the most any wizard has been able to split his soul?
(a) In thirds.
(b) None at all.
(c) In quarters.
(d) In half.

9. Where do students go to take their final Apparition test?
(a) Hagrid's hut.
(b) The Forbidden Forest.
(c) Hogsmeade.
(d) The dining hall.

10. What student does Dumbledore encounter as he is entering Hogwarts after his trip with Harry to the cave?
(a) Draco Malfoy.
(b) Ron Weasley.
(c) Neville Longbottom.
(d) Hermione Granger.

11. Who takes over Hogwarts after the battle there?
(a) Professor Snape.
(b) The ghosts.
(c) Professor McConagall.
(d) Hagrid.

12. How old does Harry discover his special Potions book to be?
(a) Over 50 years old.
(b) Only 10 years old.
(c) Nearly 100 years old.
(d) Around 30 years old.

13. Who is sent for to discuss the future of the school after the battle?
(a) The heads of houses.
(b) The governing board.
(c) The prefects.
(d) The top student in each class.

14. Who gives Harry chocolates laced with love potion?
(a) Ginny Weasley.
(b) Lavender Brown.
(c) Romilda Vane.
(d) Hermione Granger.

15. Where does Harry plan to go right after leaving Hogwarts?
(a) On the lam.
(b) Back to the Dursleys'.
(c) Back to the Burrow.
(d) Hogsmeade.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Ginny tell Romilda Vane Harry actually has a tattoo of on his chest, even though this is also a lie?

2. What item do Harry and Dumbledore retrieve during their mission to the cave in Chapter 26?

3. What tool does Harry use to try to track Malfoy in the castle?

4. What year students are allowed to take their Apparating test?

5. Why does Ron fail his Apparition test?

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