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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 29.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who do Ron, Hermione, and Harry find in Hogsmeade selling stolen items?
(a) Tonks.
(b) Lupin.
(c) Mr. Weasley.
(d) Mundungus.

2. What gift does Harry offer Kreacher and Dobby as thanks for their help?
(a) A nice dinner.
(b) Clothes.
(c) Nothing -- he doesn't offer them a gift.
(d) New shoes.

3. What animal is awaiting Harry's arrival at the Burrow?
(a) The Weasley's fish.
(b) Neville's toad.
(c) His owl, Hedwig.
(d) The Weasleys' cat.

4. What is Professor Slughorn's initial reaction to Harry's inquiry about Horcruxes?
(a) He doesn't answer the question.
(b) All of these answers are correct.
(c) He starts avoiding Harry.
(d) He gets upset.

5. What must Harry make Dumbledore do once they reach the island in the middle of the lake inside the cave?
(a) Reveal the secret of their mission.
(b) Cast spells on himself.
(c) Cut himself so they can offer up more blood.
(d) Drink cupfuls of liquid that make him sick.

Short Answer Questions

1. What mission does Harry give to Kreacher while he is in the hospital wing with Ron?

2. Who do Harry and Ron catch kissing Ginny?

3. What spell is cast on Harry just as he is about to depart the train in Chapter seven?

4. Where is Dumbledore actually buried?

5. Who gives Harry chocolates laced with love potion?

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