Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What begins happening at the Dursley's home in Chapter 1, and how does Mr. Dursley handle it?

Odd occurrences begin happening one day that greatly upset Mr. Dursley to the point of distraction.

2. What does Mr. Dursley notice on his way to work one day?

On his way to work in the morning, Mr. Dursley notices that Owls are flying overhead in broad daylight, a cat seems to be reading a newspaper and unusually dressed people are standing around in the streets in alarming numbers.

3. What does Mr. Dursley overhear that makes him panic?

Mr. Dursley overhears a conversation between a group of these oddly dressed people mentioning the name Potter, which sends him into a near panic.

4. What happens one night after the Dursleys have been in bed for quite some time?

Long after the Dursleys have gone to bed, the newspaper-reading cat, perched on a wall outside their home, is joined by a tall man wearing long robes and carrying with him a device that puts out all the street lights.

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