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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 15.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What begins to happen that bothers Mr. Dursley?
(a) Odd occurrences.
(b) A flock of birds keep dropping poop on his car.
(c) The neighbors being shunning them.
(d) A dog keeps doing his business on his yard.

2. Who will be refereeing the Quidditch school cup game?
(a) Dumbledore.
(b) McGonagall.
(c) Snape.
(d) Flamel.

3. In Chapter 3, when is Harry's next birthday?
(a) No one knows when Harry was born.
(b) The next day after they arrive on the island.
(c) It was just past a few weeks ago.
(d) In two months.

4. What makes Harry think that the strange events the night of his birthday were not a dream?
(a) Professor McGonagall is making breakfast.
(b) Dumbledore is snoring while levitated slightly off the floor.
(c) Hagrid is sleeping on the couch.
(d) A frog talks to him when he wakes.

5. Where does Harry sleep at the Dursley's house?
(a) In the garage apartment.
(b) In Dudley's room.
(c) In a cupboard under the stairs.
(d) In the attic bedroom.

Short Answer Questions

1. What makes Harry's aunt and uncle move Harry into a bedroom in Chapter 3?

2. Who was Flamel's partner?

3. Who are Bane and Ronan?

4. To what does Malfoy challenge Harry in Chapter 9?

5. To what does the narrator compare Diagon Alley?

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