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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who tells Voldemort that he no longer has what Voldemort is looking for?
(a) Gregorovitch.
(b) Umbridge.
(c) Sprout.
(d) Burbage.

2. What does the Sword of Gryffindor contain?
(a) A mixture of gold and silver.
(b) Basilisk venom.
(c) Pure gold.
(d) A destruction spell.

3. What does Remus want to do?
(a) Move with his family to the Muggle world of Australia.
(b) Leave his wife and unborn child.
(c) Kill the Minister of Magic.
(d) Hide his wife in the Muggle world.

4. What does Mr. Weasley's Patronus say?
(a) That the family is safe and do not reply.
(b) To meet him at the Ministry.
(c) To come back to the Burrow immediately.
(d) To continue on their quest.

5. Where are Death Eaters waiting to see Harry?
(a) In Voldemort's home.
(b) Outside Grimmauld Place.
(c) At the ministry.
(d) At Hogwarts.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is in the most danger on the venture to move Harry Potter safely?

2. Who is present against his will?

3. Where does Dumbledore's family move after his father goes to Azkaban?

4. What does Dumbledore leave Hermione?

5. About what does Hermione chide Harry?

Short Essay Questions

1. What spells does Harry use in fighting, and which one gives him away as being the "real" Harry?

2. Where do Harry and Hagrid go after recovering from the crash and how do they get there?

3. How are Harry's escorts divided and who are they?

4. What does Harry see when his connection with Voldemort is opened and what does Hermione say about Harry being able to see Voldemort?

5. Why is it dangerous for Harry to be leaving his uncle's home this time compared to other times?

6. How do Harry's escorts plan to confuse the Death Eaters when Harry and the escorts leave Privet Drive, and what does Harry think of the plan?

7. Upon what do Harry and Hermione disagree?

8. How do Mr. Weasley's modifications to the motorcycle that Harry and Hagrid are riding both help and hinder their escape?

9. Who writes an unflattering book about Albus Dumbledore and what does the writer say about Dumbledore?

10. What happens to Harry, Hermione and Ron as they sit in an empty diner in the muggle world?

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