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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why won't Ron be able to find Harry and Hermione once they leave camp?
(a) Because of necessary enchantments.
(b) They want to protect Ron and will make it that way.
(c) Ron lost his wand.
(d) Ron is lost in the muggle world.

2. What does Harry realize is inside the snitch?
(a) The resurrection stone.
(b) A seeing crystal.
(c) A spell stone that can kill Voldemort.
(d) Instructions on finding the elder wand.

3. About what is the "Tale of the Three Brothers"?
(a) Three brothers who meet a powerful Genie.
(b) Three brothers who kill each other.
(c) Three brothers who were actually cousins.
(d) Three brothers who meet Death.

4. How do Harry and Hermione escape Bathilda's home?
(a) Their broomsticks.
(b) Hagrid arrives on a flying motorcycle.
(c) By jumping out the window and apparating.
(d) With floo dust.

5. Who is Fenrir Greyback?
(a) A savage werewolf.
(b) A savage giant.
(c) One of the best Quidditch players of all time.
(d) A secret agent for Dumbledore.

6. Who is carried off by giant spiders?
(a) Crabbe.
(b) Hagrid.
(c) Hermione.
(d) Fred Weasley.

7. In what room at Hogwarts do Harry's allies gather?
(a) Room of Gallantry.
(b) Room of Relinquishment.
(c) Room of Punishment.
(d) Room of Light.

8. What is Parseltongue?
(a) A person who can only lie.
(b) A house elf.
(c) The language of snakes.
(d) The garden gnome at the Burrow.

9. To whom does Harry speak about the whereabouts of the diadem?
(a) The Reflecting mirror.
(b) No one.
(c) The ghost of Ravenclaw tower.
(d) Dumbledore's ghost.

10. What does Ron experience when Harry opens the locket?
(a) Unconsciousness.
(b) A surge of magical energy.
(c) Feelings of power.
(d) Thinking of his greatest fears.

11. What does Harry remember about a statue in Hogwarts?
(a) Putting a tiara on it.
(b) Seeing a hidden compartment in it.
(c) Noticing it was made in the image of the first Ravenclaw.
(d) Nothing.

12. Who is Bathilda Bagshot?
(a) A woman Harry and Hermione decide to visit in Godric's Hollow.
(b) Hermione's only ancestor who also had magical abilities.
(c) Harry's great-great aunt.
(d) Voldemort's grandmother.

13. What does Snape have Harry take as Snape is dying?
(a) His thoughts.
(b) His wand.
(c) His will.
(d) Nothing.

14. What does Voldemort force on Neville?
(a) The sorting hat.
(b) Polyjuice.
(c) A poison potion.
(d) Truth serum.

15. Who tortures Hermione?
(a) Bellatrix.
(b) Lucious.
(c) Narcissa.
(d) Greyback.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the Weasley males is killed in the fighting?

2. What does Ollivander say is real?

3. Into where do Harry, Ron and Hermione dissapperate?

4. Who dies when Harry, Ron and Hermione and others escape?

5. What are the three objects that make up the Deathly Hallows?

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