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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Harry reading that disturbs him?
(a) A primer on advanced petronius spells.
(b) Articles about Dumbledore.
(c) A letter from Hermione Granger.
(d) An article about the execution of his godfather.

2. Why has the Ministry delayed telling Ron, Harry and Hermione about Dumbledore's will?
(a) They are angry that Dumbledore leaves students something in his will.
(b) In order to have time to study Dumbledore's possessions.
(c) Out of spite.
(d) They had to ascertain if the will is legitimate.

3. With whom is Voldemort meeting at the opening of the novel?
(a) No one.
(b) The Death Eaters.
(c) His assistant.
(d) Dead spirits.

4. According to something Harry finds, who has been talking to Harry's mother?
(a) Snape.
(b) Voldemort.
(c) Bathilda.
(d) Dumbledore.

5. What does Harry tell Tonk's father?
(a) That Tonk was killed.
(b) That Harry is not going back to Hogwarts.
(c) That the Death Eaters knew he was being transported that night.
(d) That Lupin was killed.

6. Why are most of the guests disapperating?
(a) In order to leave quickly.
(b) To confuse the Death Eaters.
(c) To go find out for themselves what is happening.
(d) No one as yet is disapperating.

7. What shows the location of every person physically present at Hogwarts?
(a) A two-way mirror.
(b) A looking glass.
(c) The Marauder's Map.
(d) A reveal spell only known by Dumbledore.

8. What do Harry, Ron, and Hermione begin doing at Ron's house?
(a) Practicing defeating dementors.
(b) Practicing more sophisticated warding spells.
(c) Playing jarts.
(d) Planning their quest.

9. What does Voldemort feed Nagini?
(a) Snape.
(b) Charity Burbage.
(c) Live rats.
(d) Dead fish.

10. Who do they think the Death Eaters will most likely think is the real Harry Potter?
(a) The Potter who is surrounded by the others.
(b) The one who is not wearing a protection charm.
(c) The one who is wearing a protection charm.
(d) One of the Harry lookalikes on a broom.

11. What does Bill announce when he arrives?
(a) That Fleur is dead.
(b) That Mad-Eye Moody has disappeared.
(c) That Fleur has been kidnapped.
(d) That Mad-Eye Moody is dead.

12. Who tells Harry about the sword of Gryffindor being taken to Gringotts?
(a) Mr. Weasley.
(b) Griphook.
(c) Ginny.
(d) Snape.

13. How do most Ministry people get inside the Ministry?
(a) Broomstick.
(b) Walking.
(c) The Floo Network.
(d) By apparating.

14. Who visits during Harry's birthday dinner?
(a) Rufus Scrimgeour.
(b) Bellatrix.
(c) Albus Dumbledore's ghost.
(d) Gregorovitch.

15. What does Harry realize about the trials of muggle-born wizards?
(a) Their legal proceedings are sound.
(b) They are striving to give the muggle borns the benefit of the doubt.
(c) They are unfair.
(d) They are a sham.

Short Answer Questions

1. Of what does Harry remind Hermione and Ron?

2. What does Dumbledore leave Hermione?

3. How do Ron, Harry, and Hermione get inside the Ministry?

4. What does Harry remove from Umbridge's door?

5. To whom is the Weasley son getting married?

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