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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Thirteen, The Muggle-Born Registration Commission.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why cannot Harry receive the second thing Dumbledore leaves him?
(a) Because it is an historical artifact and not Dumbledore's to give.
(b) Because it is dangerous.
(c) Because it is needed by the Ministry in their fight against Voldemort.
(d) Dumbledore only leaves Harry one thing.

2. Who wrote "A History of Magic?"
(a) Alberforth Dumbledore.
(b) Bathilda Bagsot.
(c) Albus Dumbledore.
(d) Rita Skeeter.

3. Why does Mrs. Weasley keep Ron, Harry and Hermione separated as much as possible?
(a) So Ron and Harry do not fight over Hermione's attentions.
(b) So they learn from others besides themselves.
(c) So Ron is not tempted to stay at Hogwarts with the other two instead of getting a job.
(d) So they cannot plan together.

4. Who made Krum's wand?
(a) Gregorovitch.
(b) Ollivander.
(c) Valdemort.
(d) No one knows for sure.

5. What does Harry try to talk Ron and Hermione out of?
(a) Staying at Hogwarts.
(b) Coming with him.
(c) Leaving hogwarts.
(d) Marrying.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who are the Harry impersonators?

2. What does Harry see when his scar starts hurting?

3. What does Harry learn about Professor Dumbledore?

4. According to something Harry finds, who has been talking to Harry's mother?

5. Who broke Albus's nose during his sister's funeral?

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