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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Thirteen, The Muggle-Born Registration Commission.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For what is Mary Cattermole on trial?
(a) Using a muggle in an experiment.
(b) Being muggle born.
(c) Using her power for seduction.
(d) Using aparating spells in the muggle world.

2. What is Lovegood wearing?
(a) A toupee.
(b) Grindelwald's sign.
(c) An outdated cape.
(d) A minature petronius.

3. What is Harry doing when he is one on a broomstick?
(a) Posing for a news article.
(b) Sitting with his mother.
(c) Playing with his father.
(d) Riding with his father during a Quidditch match.

4. Which one of the Weasley's is getting married?
(a) Fred.
(b) Percy.
(c) Bill.
(d) George.

5. What does Voldemort feed Nagini?
(a) Dead fish.
(b) Live rats.
(c) Snape.
(d) Charity Burbage.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Mrs. Weasley keep Ron, Harry and Hermione separated as much as possible?

2. According to the "Daily Prophet," what are all Muggle-borns to do?

3. About what does Hermione chide Harry?

4. Who is in the most danger on the venture to move Harry Potter safely?

5. Who does Harry try to waken after the crash?

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