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J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne, and John Tiffany
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was Delphi's guardian growing up?
(a) Severus Snape.
(b) Euphemia Rowle.
(c) Ottaline Gambol.
(d) Ludo Bagman.

2. What powder does Ginny suggest getting in the end of Act II, Scene 15?
(a) The Shield Charm powder.
(b) The Tincture of Demiguise powder.
(c) The Dementor's Kiss powder.
(d) The Floo powder.

3. What did Cedric use to swim through the lake for the second task in the Triwizard Tournament, according to Albus in Act II, Scene 19?
(a) A Tincture of Demiguise.
(b) A Floo Charm.
(c) A Bubble-Head Charm.
(d) A Time-Turner.

4. Who has apparently been completing Scorpius's homework for him in Act III, Scene 4?
(a) Craig Bowker.
(b) Severus Snape.
(c) Theodore Nott.
(d) Amos Diggory.

5. What creatures come for Hermione in Act III, Scene 9?
(a) Muggles.
(b) Werewolves.
(c) Vampires.
(d) Dementors.

6. Who stands in third place prior to the final task at the Triwizard Tournament in Act III, Scene 20?
(a) Fleur Delacour.
(b) Dumbledore.
(c) Theodore Nott.
(d) Euphemia Rowle.

7. What is the name of the imaginary friend that Scorpius claims to have invented when he was younger in Act II, Scene 14?
(a) Bobby.
(b) Polly Chapman.
(c) Draco.
(d) Flurry.

8. Who is the Headmistress of Hogwarts in Act III, Scene 1?
(a) Ottaline Gambol.
(b) Dolores Umbridge.
(c) Aunt Petunia.
(d) Elena Diggory.

9. Who claims in Act II, Scene 11 of Albus, "He hates Gryffindor and everyone knows it"?
(a) Aunt Petunia.
(b) Polly Chapman.
(c) Severus Snape.
(d) Madam Hooch.

10. Whom does Scorpius ask Severus Snape if he is secretly workng for in Act III, Scene 5?
(a) Theodore Nott.
(b) Dumbledore.
(c) Draco Malfoy.
(d) Aunt Petunia.

11. What is the setting for Act II, Scene 11?
(a) Harry and Ginny Potter's House, Kitchen.
(b) Harry and Ginny Potter's House, Staircase.
(c) Hogwarts, Headmistress's Office.
(d) Hogwarts, Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom.

12. What is the setting established in the stage directions for Act II, Scene 16?
(a) Forbidden Forest.
(b) Privet Drive, Cupboard Under the Stars.
(c) Godric's Hollow.
(d) Hogwarts, Library.

13. The second task for those competing in the Triwizard Tournament is to retrieve something stolen from the contestants. What does that "something" turn out to be?
(a) Rings of power.
(b) Golden eggs.
(c) People they loved.
(d) Magical wands.

14. In what year do the stage directions indicate Act III, Scene 8 takes place?
(a) 1995.
(b) 1981.
(c) 1994.
(d) 1996.

15. Albus tells Scorpius in Act II, Scene 16 that he does not think Voldemort is capable of having what?
(a) A good day.
(b) A kind word.
(c) A kind son.
(d) A kind thought.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Draco's response when Scorpius asks him in Act III, Scene 3, "I've done bad things, you've done worse. What have we become, Dad?"

2. What position does Scorpius tell Hermione that she holds in the world where he is from in Act III, Scene 7?

3. What form is Lily's Patronus said to be in Act III, Scene 9?

4. What does Scorpius say Cedric Diggory became as a result of being humiliated out of the Triwizard Tournament in Act III, Scene 5?

5. What does Delphi claim Albus's weakness is in Act III, Scene 19?

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