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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to the narrator in Chapter 2: “The First Years,” Denmark Vesey quoted the following from what book in the Old Testament before the resurrection: “Behold, the day of the Lord cometh, and thy spoil shall be divided in the midst of thee”?
(a) The Book of Habakkuk.
(b) The Book of Zechariah.
(c) The Book of Ezekiel.
(d) The Book of Exodus.

2. In describing Benjamin Ross, the narrator says in Chapter 3: “Six Years Old,” “All through the plantation, from the Big House to the stables, to the fields, he had a reputation for” what?
(a) “Womanizing.”
(b) “Absolute honesty.”
(c) “Telling stories.”
(d) “Stealing things.”

3. The narrator says in Chapter 2: “The First Years” that “Like all the other babies in the quarter, Harriet Ross cut her first teeth on” what?
(a) “Stale bread.”
(b) “A slice of apple.”
(c) “A piece of pork rind.”
(d) “Beef ribs.”

4. The office of the Philadelphia Vigilance Committee was located upstairs in what building?
(a) The Governor’s Mansion.
(b) Faneuil Hall.
(c) The Lebanon Seminary.
(d) The Thompson Theatre.

5. What was the name of Miss Susan’s visiting sister in Chapter 5: “Flight”?
(a) Miss Daisy.
(b) Miss Rebecca.
(c) Miss Emily.
(d) Miss Johanna.

Short Answer Questions

1. What year was it when Harriet Ross began to make a patchwork quilt in Chapter 9: “The Patchwork Quilt”?

2. Harriet Tubman was approximately how tall?

3. How long did Harriet do housework in the home where she and her father were hired out before asking if she could work with the men in Chapter 8: “Minta Becomes Harriet”?

4. How many rooms comprised the cabins in the slave quarters where Harriet Tubman was born?

5. Harriet discovered that Old Rit had originally been willed to a young woman named what in Chapter 9: “The Patchwork Quilt”?

Short Essay Questions

1. When and where was Harriet Tubman born? How does the author illustrate this setting in Chapter 1: “The Quarter”?

2. What ailment did Harriet contract while she was hired out to the Cooks? How did Old Rit respond to Harriet’s condition when she returned to the plantation?

3. What does the author describe in her historical note at the end of Chapter 6: “The Underground Road”?

4. To whom was Harriet hired out in Chapter 8: “Minta Becomes Harriet”? What were her job duties at this home?

5. By what name was Harriet Tubman called as a child? Who cared for Harriet in her first years, as described by the author in Chapter 2: “The First Years”?

6. What did Harriet discover when she paid a lawyer to look into the details of Old Rit’s former masters in Chapter 9: “The Patchwork Quilt”?

7. During what gathering did one of the slaves attempt escape in Chapter 7: “Shuck this Corn”? Where did he run?

8. Who was Edward Brodas? What promise had he made to Harriet Tubman’s parents? What concerned Old Rit about her children in Chapter 2: “The First Years”?

9. Where was Harriet living in Chapter 6: “The Underground Road”? What was her assigned work duty? How did she feel about it?

10. What news influenced Harriet’s second attempt at fleeing in Chapter 10: “A Glory Over Everything”? Where did she go?

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