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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Tice Davids was a slave that ran away from his owner where?
(a) In Mississippi.
(b) In Georgia.
(c) In Alabama.
(d) In Kentucky.

2. The office of the Philadelphia Vigilance Committee was located upstairs in what building?
(a) The Governor’s Mansion.
(b) The Thompson Theatre.
(c) Faneuil Hall.
(d) The Lebanon Seminary.

3. On what date was the antislavery newspaper The Liberator first published?
(a) March 26, 1840.
(b) January 1, 1831.
(c) June 14, 1837.
(d) July 4, 1835.

4. One of Maryland’s boundaries is a river. What was this river called?
(a) Big Buckwater River.
(b) The Niagara River.
(c) The Delaware River.
(d) The Potomac River.

5. On whose plantation was Harriet Tubman born?
(a) John Bowley’s.
(b) Austin Woodfolk’s.
(c) Theodore Parker’s.
(d) Edward Brodas’s.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Denmark Vesey and his followers plan to kill all of the white people, according to the narrator in Chapter 2: “The First Years”?

2. What was the chief crop on the Eastern shore at the time when Harriet was hired out in Chapter 4: “Hired Out”?

3. Where did Harriet sleep in the Cooks’ house in Chapter 4: “Hired Out”?

4. What was the nearest village to the plantation where Harriet Tubman was born?

5. In what year did Henry Clay make a second plea to the government of Canada, according to the author in Chapter 5: “Flight”?

Short Essay Questions

1. What events does the author describe in the historical notes at the end of Chapter 1: “The Quarter”?

2. What gifts and/or items did Harriet exchange with the white woman she first met with after fleeing the Brodas plantation in Chapter 10: “A Glory Over Everything”?

3. What ailment did Harriet contract while she was hired out to the Cooks? How did Old Rit respond to Harriet’s condition when she returned to the plantation?

4. What led to Harriet’s first return trip to Maryland in Chapter 11: “Stranger in a Strange Land”?

5. What were the lasting effects of Harriet’s injury in Chapter 7: “Shuck this Corn”?

6. Who was Harriet hired out to after Old Rit had nursed her back to health in Chapter 5: “Flight”? How does the author describe Harriet’s treatment at this home?

7. How does the author describe Harriet’s acquisition of knowledge by the time she was six in Chapter 3: “Six Years Old”? From whom did she gain this knowledge?

8. What does “manumission” refer to? How did manumission give hope to the slaves on the plantations during Harriet’s childhood?

9. To whom was Harriet hired out in Chapter 8: “Minta Becomes Harriet”? What were her job duties at this home?

10. What stories of runaway slaves did Harriet hear while working at the plantation in Chapter 6: “The Underground Road”?

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