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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who meets Rashid and Haroun at the railway station?
(a) Two children.
(b) Two firemen.
(c) Two politicos.
(d) Twin teachers.

2. Where do the people of Kahani get their treats from?
(a) Earth.
(b) The Sun.
(c) Kahani.
(d) The Moon.

3. Where did "The Walrus" get his name from?
(a) His portly stature.
(b) His bushy eyebrows.
(c) His mustache.
(d) His lovely locks.

4. Do Floating Gardeners like to talk?
(a) Floating Gardeners do not talk.
(b) Yes.
(c) Only sometimes.
(d) No.

5. Who is Khattam-Shud?
(a) A dark and evil prince.
(b) A quiet and thoughtful wiseman.
(c) A lovely and soft duchess.
(d) A sweet and youthful girl.

6. What happens to Rashid at the end of Chapter 1?
(a) He is run over by the bus.
(b) He is threatened to do better,
(c) He is tossed off the train.
(d) He is fired.

7. What does Blabbermouth think of Batcheat?
(a) Blabbermouth loves Batcheat.
(b) Blabbermouth is neutral toward Batcheat.
(c) Blabbermouth does not like Batcheat.
(d) Blabbermouth does not know Batcheat.

8. Who is Haroun?
(a) The antagonist.
(b) The protagonist.
(c) There is no one named Haroun in the story.
(d) The narrator.

9. Which tool does the Disconnector most closely resemble?
(a) A saw.
(b) A wrench.
(c) A hammer.
(d) A screwdriver.

10. Why does Iff give Haroun the story water to drink?
(a) Because Haroun asks for it.
(b) Because Haroun is thirsty.
(c) Because Haroun is curious about what it does.
(d) Because Haroun is sad.

11. What does the water look like in Gup City?
(a) Sparkly.
(b) Clear.
(c) Multicolored.
(d) Black.

12. What happens when Haroun drinks the story water Iff gives him?
(a) He dreams of conquering the world.
(b) He dreams of faeries and elves.
(c) He dreams of rescuing a princess.
(d) He dreams of being a knight.

13. Who is General Kitab?
(a) The leader of the Floating Books.
(b) The leader of Gup's army.
(c) The leader of Chup's army.
(d) The leader of the Plentimaw Fishes.

14. How do the bus drivers tease the passengers wanting to get on the buses?
(a) They turn on and off their engines.
(b) They open their doors and then shut them.
(c) They walk around pretending to chat with people.
(d) They drive very slowly around the depot.

15. Why does Haroun wish to go to Gup City?
(a) To talk to the Walrus about becoming a Storyteller.
(b) To find Buttoo a new tie.
(c) To find his mother, Soraya.
(d) To get his father's cancelled subscription reversed.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is a floating gardener?

2. Why does Blabbermouth threaten Haroun?

3. Why do the passengers fear for their lives while riding with Butt?

4. How many brother and sisters does Haroun have?

5. What word does Butt start many of his sentences with?

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