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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9, The Dark Ship.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Is Khattam-Shud's voice like his subjects?
(a) Khattam-Shud is unable to speak.
(b) Yes.
(c) A little.
(d) No.

2. Where are Haroun and his companions taken by the enemy?
(a) The Dark Ship.
(b) The Black Shore.
(c) The Deep Woods.
(d) The Commander's Tent.

3. What shape is Buttoo's houseboat?
(a) A crocodile.
(b) A fish.
(c) A swan.
(d) A giraffe.

4. What does Khattam-Shud look like?
(a) Scrawny and plain.
(b) Strong and handsome.
(c) Short and ugly.
(d) Tall and lithe.

5. What does P2C2E stand for?
(a) Pills Too Cold To Eat.
(b) Possibly Too Calm To Evaporate.
(c) Probably Too Complicated To Explore.
(d) Process Too Complicated To Explain.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the Mystery of Bezaban?

2. Which animal does Haroun's bed take the shape of?

3. Who does Haroun suspect Khattam-Shud has in his custody?

4. What color is Iff's hair?

5. What does Iff drop into the acidic water?

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