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Short Answer Questions

1. During a letter, Harry's father tells him he has reunited with his ex-wife; who is he distraught over committing suicide?

2. Who does Harry tell Kittredge in a letter that they are planning on kidnapping in Part Six, Chapter 11?

3. What is the name of the group who is in charge of tacking out Castro?

4. What is the name of the important leader who was arrested in Cuba who Harry later has dinner with?

5. What is the name of the Station Chief in Mexico City who is causing Hunt problems?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is Chevi and how has he become important to the Agency?

2. How does Harry describe the new CIA headquarters from I-J-K-L to Langley?

3. How does the faulty wiretap scenario in Part V, Chapters 21 - 30 illustrate the problems inherent in serving different interests?

4. Why doesn't Harry care to become a "Most Special Fellow?"

5. In Part Six, Chapters 11 - 20, how do the people in Harry's life start acting strangely?

6. Who does Harry report his information to, and how is he serving several masters?

7. How is Cal's growing weakness highlighted in his letters to Harry?

8. How does Modene serve as a replacement of Kittredge for Harry?

9. What are two of the dual personalities that appear in Part IV, Chapters 25 - 30?

10. What happens to Chevi after he is arrested and his cover is blown?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

"Harlot's Ghost", Part IV, Chapters 31 - 36, deals with endings. Several of Harry's endings in his life and a few others. Examine the theme of endings in the novel "Harlot's Ghost". What is the definition of an ending? What type of endings are there in "Harlot's Ghost"? How is Harry affected by these different endings in his life? Is he worse off or better off? Where at in Harry's life is he at when all these endings happen? Do they all happen about the same time?

Essay Topic 2

Part IV, Chapters 7 - 13, Alpha and Omega play an extremely large part in this section of the book. Harry is developing different parts of himself in this section of the book. Examine how Harry has started to developed two separate personalities, his Alpha and Omega. How would Harry's Alpha side be described? How would Harry' Omega side be described? Which part would be Harry's side that thinks Hunt's stupid jokes are funny, or the part that is sleeping with a married woman and the professional part as he develops his contacts and continues his work?

Essay Topic 3

In Part IV, Chapters 14 - 19, of "Harlot's Ghost" many of the characters find themselves at the tipping point, their security being breached, and everybody is reacting secretively. Explore the theme of traditional values breaking apart in the novel, "Harlot's Ghost". What is revealed about Dorothy Hunt, Harvey's wife? What happens to Sally, Harry's mistress at this point in the story? How is Harry's affair with Sally mirrored with the very public affair between the Soviets, who do not realize they are being recorded? How does Nancy posing as Harry's fiancee underlie the strange world that are coming from?

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