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Short Answer Questions

1. Who arranges a raid on Cuba, although the men never reach their target?

2. Who tells Harry that Castro did not want the missiles but Khrushchev convinced him to take them?

3. Who does Cal go to meet in Paris, who the agency has put next in line for the Presidency of Cuba?

4. In a letter to Kittredge in Part Six, Chapter 21, how many men does Harry say they lost while trying to get to Cuba?

5. Where does Harry vacation with his mother and afterward meets with a special group about sabotaging Cuba?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the faulty wiretap scenario in Part V, Chapters 21 - 30 illustrate the problems inherent in serving different interests?

2. What does Chevi reveal about Libertad la Lengua?

3. What are two of the dual personalities that appear in Part IV, Chapters 25 - 30?

4. How does Harry's rise to his father's side mirror the country's expectation that Bobby Kennedy will somehow help to fill the place his brother left?

5. Who are the famous men that Modene has affairs with?

6. Why doesn't Harry care to become a "Most Special Fellow?"

7. How is Cal's growing weakness highlighted in his letters to Harry?

8. Who does Harry report his information to, and how is he serving several masters?

9. How does multiple names serve as one of the larger symbols in "Harlot's Ghost"?

10. What happens to Chevi after he is arrested and his cover is blown?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In Part IV, Chapters 14 - 19, of "Harlot's Ghost" many of the characters find themselves at the tipping point, their security being breached, and everybody is reacting secretively. Explore the theme of traditional values breaking apart in the novel, "Harlot's Ghost". What is revealed about Dorothy Hunt, Harvey's wife? What happens to Sally, Harry's mistress at this point in the story? How is Harry's affair with Sally mirrored with the very public affair between the Soviets, who do not realize they are being recorded? How does Nancy posing as Harry's fiancee underlie the strange world that are coming from?

Essay Topic 2

In "Harlot's Ghost", one of the writing styles that the Norman Mailer uses is his choice of narrator. Mailer uses a first-person narrative to tell the story. Explore the different styles of narrators for fiction writing, particularly first-person narratives as in Harlot's Ghost. How does knowing Harry's thoughts and feelings help the story along? How would the overall story be affected by a change in narrator?

Essay Topic 3

In Part III, Chapters 1 - 7, Harry falls even further in line with the accepted social mores of his country and era. Research and explore Communism, and the morals that are reinforced by the characters in "Harlot's Ghost". What is communism? How prevalent was communism in the 1960's? How did the Agency indoctrinate the Agents to the idea of anti-Communism as a calling? What happens with Lenny Bruce at a nightclub that lets Hugh and Kittredge use their anti-Communism power as an agent?

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