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Short Answer Questions

1. During a letter, Harry's father tells him he has reunited with his ex-wife; who is he distraught over committing suicide?

2. Where does Chevi go after his cover his blown and his life is in danger?

3. What is the name of the stewardess that Hugh wants harry to seduce?

4. Who does Hugh agree with Harry that he should stay away from in Part IV, Chapter twenty-one?

5. Who successfully tapped the PCU?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Fidel Castro talk about in an interview to journalist Jean Daniel?

2. What important event takes place in Part Six, Chapters 19 with the CIA?

3. Who are the famous men that Modene has affairs with?

4. What prevents Harry from being transferred to a more active base in Israel?

5. What happens to Chevi after he is arrested and his cover is blown?

6. How do Hugh and Kittredge help Harry with the Boris situation?

7. Why doesn't Harry care to become a "Most Special Fellow?"

8. What does Chevi reveal about Libertad la Lengua?

9. How does Modene serve as a replacement of Kittredge for Harry?

10. What are two of the dual personalities that appear in Part IV, Chapters 25 - 30?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In "Harlot's Ghost", Harry discusses his parents' connection with the CIA. These connections also define Mailer's view of the CIA. Research and explore the CIA and how it correlates to Harry's family. What is the CIA? How is Harry's family involved in the CIA? What do the CIA do for America? How do Harry's personal and familial connections draw him into the CIA?

Essay Topic 2

The author gives many details about Harry's background through description and through the use of flashbacks. Explore the use of flashbacks in narrative writing and analyze those used in the novel "Harlot's Ghost". How do the use of flashbacks help to develop the character? Are the flashbacks used in the story important for its development? Would the reader like more flashbacks to learn even more about the characters?

Essay Topic 3

"Harlot's Ghost" is the story Harry Hubbard's adventures in the CIA and life. Throughout the book, he goes through tremendous changes and is no longer that same person as he was at the beginning of his life. Explore the theme of coming of age, and analysis the changes in Harry's character throughout the novel. What does coming of age mean? How did meeting Kittredge change Harry's life? How have Harry's ideals and goals changed throughout his life? What has Harry learned about himself and life?

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