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Short Answer Questions

1. Whose passionate affair does Harry describe in Part IV, Chapter 33?

2. What death has Cal become obsessed with in Part Six, Chapter thirty-four?

3. Where does Hunt have the leaders of the group in charge of taking out Castro transferred to?

4. Who does Harvey think is acting as an agent of the Kennedy's?

5. Why does Rosen say he cannot be transferred to Israel?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is Chevi and how has he become important to the Agency?

2. How is Harry's regressing also symbolized as a blow to America's ego in the early 1960's after the failure at the Bay of Pigs?

3. How is Harry's recording of the invasion of The Bay of Pigs as a journal rather than letters to Kittredge important as a real breakthrough for them?

4. Who are the famous men that Modene has affairs with?

5. How is Cal's growing weakness highlighted in his letters to Harry?

6. In Part Six, Chapters 11 - 20, how do the people in Harry's life start acting strangely?

7. How does Harry begin to have problems with Chevi in the second part of Mongoose?

8. Why doesn't Harry care to become a "Most Special Fellow?"

9. How does Modene serve as a replacement of Kittredge for Harry?

10. How do Hugh and Kittredge help Harry with the Boris situation?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In "Harlot's Ghost", one of the writing styles that the Norman Mailer uses is his choice of narrator. Mailer uses a first-person narrative to tell the story. Explore the different styles of narrators for fiction writing, particularly first-person narratives as in Harlot's Ghost. How does knowing Harry's thoughts and feelings help the story along? How would the overall story be affected by a change in narrator?

Essay Topic 2

Harry tells many stories throughout the action of the main story. Explore the author's use of the literary device story-within-a-story in the novel "Harlot's Ghost". Is the author using stories-within-a-story to parody views of the world? Or is the author using stories-within-a-story to give background about particuliar characters or events? How is this literary device effective in the novel "Harlot's Ghost", or is it effective?

Essay Topic 3

The reader is presented with Kittredge's theory of the Alpha and Omega in Part I, Chapters 5 - 14. Explore the theme of of the Alpha and Omega throughout the novel thus far. . What characters could be examples of the different psyches? How passionate is Kittredge about her work? What does each psyche represent?

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