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Short Answer Questions

1. What story does Harvey tell Harry in Part II, Chapter 6, about an East German baby?

2. Harry reveals that he has begun an affair with his colleague Sherman's wife; what is her name?

3. Harvey asks Harry what his codename was in Washington D.C. What reason does Harry give for not revealing it?

4. What does Harvey give to Harry as they head to meet someone at midnight in Part II, Chapter 11?

5. In Part II, Chapter 2, Harry doesn't want to talk about his current job with Harvey so what does he try to change the subject to that Harvey hates?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Kittredge get into experimenting with LSD?

2. How do the ghosts that Kittredge mentions tend to arise at times of particular stress and challenge?

3. How do Harry's issues with authority reemerge in Part IV, Chapters 7 - 13?

4. What does Harry learn about Kittredge's father that is disturbing?

5. How does Kittredge describe people's psyches as Alpha and Omega?

6. How is Kittredge's theory of Alpha and Omega represented in Harry in Part IV, Chapters 7 - 13?

7. What happens when Dix and Harry go out for a drink with Freddie McCann and his wife Bunny?

8. How is Harry described as a child?

9. How do all the different names represented by cryptograms reinforce the concept of Alpha and Omega?

10. What story does Harvey tell Harry about an East German baby?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

"Harlot's Ghost", Part IV, Chapters 31 - 36, deals with endings. Several of Harry's endings in his life and a few others. Examine the theme of endings in the novel "Harlot's Ghost". What is the definition of an ending? What type of endings are there in "Harlot's Ghost"? How is Harry affected by these different endings in his life? Is he worse off or better off? Where at in Harry's life is he at when all these endings happen? Do they all happen about the same time?

Essay Topic 2

In Omega VII - Omega XII, the reader is presented with three different versions of the CIA man through Harry, Rosen, and Dix. Examine the three different versions of the CIA man that are represented in "Harlot's Ghost". Who is an agent by birthright? Who has had to transform painfully to become an agent? Who is a bit of a thug but a spy by nature? Compare and contrast these different versions of the CIA man.

Essay Topic 3

In Part V, Chapters 1 - 10 of "Harlot's Ghost", the character of Modene is introduced. She becomes an important character in Harry's life. Analyze the character of Modene, and examine her affect on Harry. How does Harry meet Modene? How does Modene mirror Kittredge? Who is Modene dating who is famous? How does Modene remind Harry of Kittredge?

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