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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What nickname does Hugh say that Harry can call him?
(a) Hamlet.
(b) Ham.
(c) Harold.
(d) Harlot.

2. Harvey gives Harry several names of contacts he wants him to track down; how does the first contact feel about Harvey?
(a) Loves him.
(b) Doesn't know who he is.
(c) Is scared of him.
(d) Hates him.

3. Who does Harry call when he gets to the Department of Defense after hiding his letters and tapes of transcripts?
(a) Dix.
(b) Kittredge.
(c) Harvey.
(d) Arnie.

4. In Part II, Chapter 8, Dix takes Harry to a cellar bar where two men are chained up; what happens to these men?
(a) They are spit on.
(b) They are urinated on.
(c) They are whipped.
(d) They are kicked.

5. How many other agents are being inducted into the CIA when Harry is inducted?
(a) 301.
(b) 105.
(c) 103.
(d) 13.

6. What does Harry learn from Harvey that is now in London in Part II, Chapter 6?
(a) The Frontroom.
(b) The Raceroom.
(c) The Cloakroom.
(d) The Backroom.

7. Harry finds two men in the woods in Omega VII; who do they work for?
(a) The Navy.
(b) The Army.
(c) The FBI.
(d) The CIA.

8. As Harry starts going through the CIA training, what does Harry lie about during his lie detector test?
(a) Killing someone.
(b) Being a virgin.
(c) Being an alcoholic.
(d) Smoking marijuana.

9. What does Harry write about in his first letter to Kittredge?
(a) His health.
(b) A lot about the city.
(c) A lot about his job.
(d) His feelings for her.

10. What does Dix talk about to Harry as part of the job of being an agent after they leave the cellar bar in Part II, Chapter 8?
(a) Giving up relationships.
(b) Traveling.
(c) Secrets.
(d) Homosexuality.

11. At the beginning of Omega VI, Harry's mistress, Chloe, calls Harry and says what?
(a) That she needs money.
(b) That she misses him.
(c) That somebody ransacked her apartment.
(d) That she wants to break up.

12. What does Kittredge reveal to Harry in Omega IV about Hugh?
(a) That he has lost his mind.
(b) That he has died.
(c) That he is sick with cancer.
(d) That he has lost his leg.

13. What does Harry learn that Kittredge's father liked to sleep with?
(a) Sleeping women.
(b) An electric blanket.
(c) His dog.
(d) His childhood stuffed animal.

14. What day of the week does Hugh have a special class that Harry attends?
(a) Wednesdays.
(b) Thursdays.
(c) Fridays.
(d) Mondays.

15. Who does Hunt tell Harry has labeled him as untrustworthy?
(a) Dix Butler.
(b) Bill Harvey.
(c) Arnie Rosen.
(d) Hugh.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of Harry's friend who he invites to go out for a drink with and Dix Butler ends up hitting on his wife?

2. What does Harry discuss with the man he meets in Part II, Chapter 12 besides the security of Catheter?

3. What is Harry's father's name?

4. Who is revealed to be an ex-Nazi by Hugh in Part II, Chapter 15?

5. After learning about Kittredge's affair, Harry leaves for New York; what does he hear happened after he left?

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