Harlot's Ghost Fun Activities

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Act It Out

Have students divide into groups and choose a favorite scene from the novel, "Harlot's Ghost", to act out. Students can dress up and use props to enhance the scenes that they act out.

Create Poster

Have each student choose a favorite scene from the the novel, "Harlot's Ghost". Using poster paper, markers, and their imaginations, students will create a poster advertising the book. Display the posters around the classroom.

Make a Mobile

Have students choose their favorite character and event from the novel, "Harlot's Ghost". Using construction paper, markers, string, and glue have students create a mobile showing the important characters and events from the book. Display the mobiles around the classroom.

Create a Board Game

Divide students into groups, and have each group pick their favorite event from the novel, "Harlot's Ghost". Have students create a board game based on their chosen event from...

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