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Essay Topic 1

"Harlot's Ghost" is the story of Harry Hubbard's adventures in the CIA. Analyze the character of Harry from the first few chapters of the text. Who is Harry married to at the beginning of the novel? How did Harry get involved in the CIA? What happened to Kittredge's first husband and her son?

Essay Topic 2

In "Harlot's Ghost", Harry discusses his parents' connection with the CIA. These connections also define Mailer's view of the CIA. Research and explore the CIA and how it correlates to Harry's family. What is the CIA? How is Harry's family involved in the CIA? What do the CIA do for America? How do Harry's personal and familial connections draw him into the CIA?

Essay Topic 3

In Omega VII - Omega XII, the reader is presented with three different versions of the CIA man through Harry, Rosen, and Dix. Examine the three...

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