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Omega-I - Omega VII

• "Harlot's Ghost" is the story of Harry Hubbard's adventure in the CIA.

• In 1983, Harry describes he and his wife Kittredge's estate, the Keep, which has been in their family for a long time.

• Harry mentions two ghosts, Snowman Dyer and Augustus Farr, who are said to haunt the island.

• In 1984, Harry writes that he has two autobiographies, one of which is over 2, 000 pages long, the other which is 180 pages.
• Harry writes about his family's involvement with the CIA, and his and his father's three year involvement trying to kill Castro.

• Kittredge's first husband was paralyzed in a rock climbing accident that also killed her son Christopher.

• After the accident, Kittredge tried to commit suicide, but Harry saved her and she eventually left her first husband, Harlot.

• Harry's mistress, Chloe, calls him and says that somebody ransacked her apartment, and she's convinced it's a CIA...

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