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Short Answer Questions

1. In "Libretto for the Republic of Liberia," who is the narrator's brother?

2. What artist did the Curator teach Black Diamond about?

3. Who does the Golden Age occur with?

4. What are the two ways of life according to "E.&O.E."?

5. What tyrant does the narrator mention in "A Long Head to a Round Head"?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the Curator think about Hideho Heights? Why does he feel this way?

2. Describe the different Gods Tolson describes in "The Idols of the Tribe."

3. How does the nickname African-China come about in the poem "African China"?

4. What might have been the reason Tolson elects to use the Greek alphabet to separate his poem Harlem Gallery?

5. In "Pi" it is written that art without limits can climb mountains. What is meant by this?

6. How does the narrator define himself in "E.&O.E."?

7. How does Tolson believe tyrants remain in power?

8. Why does Doctor Nkomo feel that life and art are linked?

9. Why does Tolson believe that despite the reign of tyrants justice will prevail?

10. Explain your interpretation of the line "You are / Black Lazarus risen from the White Man's grave" from the poem "Libretto for the Republic of Liberia."

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss one of the characters in the Harlem Galleries. How does this character change from the beginning to the end of the collection? Do you believe Tolson allows the character to change if he or she does? Why does Tolson choose to allow the character to remain stagnant if he or she does? Choose one other character in the Harlem Galleries and explain their relationship with the initial character you chose.

Essay Topic 2

Choose two significant events Tolson mentions in "Rendezvous With America." What are these events and why does Tolson include them in this poem?

Essay Topic 3

In the poem, "Libretto for the Republic of Liberia," Tolson compares America to the narrator's mother, Liberia to his wife, and Africa to his brother. What does Tolson mean by this comparison?

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