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Short Answer Questions

1. Who does the skull the mountain climber finds belong to?

2. In "If You Should Lie to Me," who is the narrator speaking to?

3. What does the poet of "Rendezvous With America" claim America will face?

4. How does the poet describe the people that flock to America in "Rendezvous With America"?

5. What do the wise people think of the hillmen's opinions in "Vesuvius"?

Short Essay Questions

1. What message is Tolson trying to send with the blade in "The Damascus Bride"?

2. What is the significance of the the sign in "The Town of Fathers" that reads "The Blackest Land / And The Whitest People"?

3. How does Tolson describe the common people in "Rendezvous with America"?

4. In "A Scholar Looks at an Oak," how is the black man represented?

5. What historical events does Tolson believe tested the powers of Americans in "Rendezvous with America"? What was the result of these events?

6. What is Tolson's final message to the reader in "Tempo di Marcia"?

7. How does Babylon symbolize America in the poem "Babylon"?

8. Why is it important that Tolson does not identify the race of the person who tells the story in "The Ballad of the Rattlesnake"?

9. How is hatred the downfall of white men in "The Blindness of Scorn"?

10. Who are the bad people that Tolson mentions in his poem "Rendezvous with America," and why does he feel the need to mention them?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Choose two significant events Tolson mentions in "Rendezvous With America." What are these events and why does Tolson include them in this poem?

Essay Topic 2

Tolson creates and discusses many interesting people in his poems. Choose one person or couple he mentions in a poem explain how those people or characters help deliver the message of the poem.

Essay Topic 3

Discuss one of the characters in the Harlem Galleries. How does this character change from the beginning to the end of the collection? Do you believe Tolson allows the character to change if he or she does? Why does Tolson choose to allow the character to remain stagnant if he or she does? Choose one other character in the Harlem Galleries and explain their relationship with the initial character you chose.

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