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Rosetta Stoneappears in Rendezvous with America, p. 6

This is an ancient granite stone with hieroglyphic inscriptions. It is instrumental in aiding historians to understand and decipher ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Nepentheappears in Rendezvous with America, p. 9

This is a drug that serves as an anti-depressant drug, or medicine to alleviate sorrow.

Rubiconappears in The Mountain Climber, p. 15

This is a river that runs through Italy.

St. Vitus's Danceappears in Whence?, p. 21

This is another name for the neurological disorder named chorea.

Enfiladeappears in Old Houses, p. 26

This is a military position in which troops are subjected to fire from along the length of another line of troops.

Eunuchappears in Inevitability, p. 67

This is a boy or man who is castrated for a certain purpose.

Scimitar appears in Babylon, p. 92

This is a curved sword with one edge of Oriental origin.

Scylla Charybdis appears in E.&O.E., p. 134


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