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Lesson 1 (from Rendezvous With America)


Rendezvous With America

This book explores the work of Melvin Tolson. Tolson was an American poet who focused on the experience of black men and women. Today's objective will be to study the biographical information of Tolson in-depth.


1) Class Discussion: This book includes a collection of Tolson's poems which have grown famous over time. Do you know anything about the author, Tolson? What from the title do you gather about the author? What do you suppose the subject of this book will be based on from the title and cover?

2) Group Research Project: Research the history of Melvin Tolson. Information should include his early childhood, his career moves, his important works, and his death. Consider how the events in his life might influence his writing.

3) Individual Writing: What events in Tolson's life led him to write this book? Why do students think this topic is...

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