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Rendezvous With America

• "Rendezvous With America"

• "Rendezvous with America" summarizes the concept of America as a melting pot.

• The narrator mentions Daniel Boone and Jesse James, Louis Brandeis, La Guardia, Lin Yutang, Stokowski and Douglas as examples of the great diversity.

• The narrator also discusses how tragedies such as Pearl Harbor help the nation grow stronger.

• Tolson describes the common people by using the sounds of their machinery.

Woodcuts for Americana Poems

• "The Mountain Climber"

• A man climbs a mountain even though the weather is terrible and people have died before him.

• "Old Man Michael"

• A framer weeps for his crops.

• The slaves say do not weep over bad weather. It is the roots that are destroying the crops.

• "When Great Dogs Fight"

• A mongrel is left with no food while the pedigree dogs eat well but fight amongst themselves.

• While the dogs fight, the mongrel sneaks off...

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