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Short Answer Questions

1. What marked Long's second-in-command Gerald Smith regarding his speeches?

2. At the end of his interview, Horace Cayton discusses why black Americans never joined what group en masse?

3. What was Roosevelt trying to prevent with the Bank Holiday?

4. What does Wilbur Kane remember most vividly about Franklin Roosevelt?

5. Who does Myrna Loy suspect of being the force behind her inability to meet FDR?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Neil Schaffner's theatre troupe have to change their business model after the Crash 1929?

2. What strange dichotomy exists in Stanley Kell's interview in Honor and Humiliation?

3. How does Alf Landon recall his 1936 campaign against Roosevelt in the book?

4. In the Depression-era Midwest, how did corn prices lead to corn being burned and pigs being slaughtered?

5. Describe Harry Hartman's experiences repossessing belongings in the Depression.

6. Who was Martin Dies?

7. How did Ray Wax's life disillusion him to the idea of strive-and-succeed?

8. What humiliation did Ward James face seeking relief in the 1930's?

9. What was the most controversial component of the New Deal?

10. Describe the incident with the Iowa Judge in The Father Is the Man?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In exploring the many divergent movements and personalities that shaped the 1930's, Terkel interviews his subjects about individuals who helped shape the national debate in this time. Write an essay about three dominant voices in America at the time of the Depression:

Part 1) What role did Dr. Francis Townsend play in the national debate regarding helping the poverty stricken? What plans did he offer for taking care of the elderly, and why was he vilified as a result of this plan? What government program eventually emerged from the ideas that Townsend offered in the 1930's?

Part 2) What message did Father Coughlin offer that made him the dominant radio voice, besides Franklin Roosevelt, in the 1930's? What was the appeal of this message to those affected by the poverty of the Depression? How did this populist message transform into something far more insidious as the US approached joining the war against Hitler?

Part 3) What role did Huey Long play in the 1930's? How did his populist policy-making find a national audience, and how did this sudden popularity force Roosevelt to reconsider his Depression policies? Why did Huey Long never run for president himself?

Essay Topic 2

The Great Depression was a time during which the most basic and reliable of systems in the United States failed. Though full-on revolution never broke out in America, dissident movements cropped up regularly. Write an essay about three such movements. What issue or injustice gave rise to this spontaneous act of dissidence? How did the movement grow in strength? What happened that finally put an end to the movement?

Part 1) The Bonus March.

Part 2) The opening night of The Cradle Will Rock.

Part 3) The farmers of Iowa stopping corn deliveries.

Essay Topic 3

The Franklin Roosevelt administration was a hothouse of young minds and genius fiscal conservatives. Write an essay about the crucible of ideas that this administration fostered. What initial ideas came out of this group, and how were they killed out of the gate? What politicking occurred within the administration, in terms of currying favor with the President? What actions did FDR take that alienated huge swaths of his supporters?

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