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Short Answer Questions

1. What product did Benton manage after the Depression?

2. What entertainment did Sally Rand invent?

3. What did Arthur Robinson do before entering the financial markets?

4. What strange job does Terkel get right after college?

5. What term best describes the nature of the changes that happened after the 1929 Crash, from Terkel's perspective?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did William Benton make his fortune?

2. How did the "southern belle" Diane Morgan become socially conscious in the 1930's?

3. What was the purpose of the Bonus March?

4. What is Doc Graham's attitude toward Franklin Roosevelt?

5. What resources for the transient did Ed Paulson discover during the Depression?

6. How did the effects of the Crash become apparent in Terkel's parents' business?

7. How did blues and alcohol play a defining role in Terkel's college years?

8. How did Mrs. Winston Roberts of Chicago survive the Depression?

9. Why is Jerome Zerbe's interview oddly disturbing?

10. How was Robin Langston's family affected by the Depression?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

During the Depression, the United States government offered amenities to its people that were unheard of in the past: farmland, housing, camps for the indigent. Write an essay about the public reaction to these amenities. How did each of them prove a model of cooperation? To what extent did people view them as a stepping stone to private ownership? Which of these amenities are still in existence? Why did some disappear and others degrade over time?

Essay Topic 2

The 1930's, as a result of the abject poverty and of Prohibition, became an era of romanticized criminality. Write an essay on the popularity of illegal behavior at this time. What was the nature of the industry dedicated to circumventing Prohibition laws? Why were figures like John Dillinger and Machine Gun Kelly folk heroes for robbing the banks? To what extent were they enacting public disgust with failed institutions?

Essay Topic 3

Write an essay about the far left in America. What were its expectations when the stock market collapsed in 1929? Did it expect that the American capitalist system was completely defunct? How did events in Europe throughout the 1930's affect the coalition of far left groups in the United States? What occurred politically and economically in America that rendered the left toothless by the time World War II started?

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