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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What memory makes Elsa Ponselle laugh during her interview in Public Servant-The City?
(a) The propaganda posters the government put out.
(b) The debates that led to the creation of the teacher's union.
(c) Her family accusing her of being a Bolshevik.
(d) The fear millionaires had during the Depression.

2. Where did Max R. Naiman and his worker's rights clients end up sleeping after he got them acquitted?
(a) A boxcar.
(b) A city park.
(c) A YMCA.
(d) On the steps of the courthouse.

3. What does Edward Burgess discuss buying at the beginning of his interview in Merely Passing Through?
(a) A yacht.
(b) A rack of lamb.
(c) A Studebaker.
(d) A pair of Florsheim shoes.

4. What Depression-era event terrified social worker Eileen Barth?
(a) A bomb threat at her office.
(b) A union riot in Cleveland.
(c) An assassination attemp on FDR.
(d) A caseworker's murder.

5. When were the collectivized camps outside of urban centers closed?
(a) When the stock market crashed.
(b) When America entered World War II.
(c) When Roosevelt died.
(d) The seventies.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Scoop Lankford, when did conditions finally improve in the prison?

2. What does Edward Burgess say he never saw in Chicago in the 1930's?

3. At the beginning of The Fine and Lively Arts, Hiram Sherman speaks glowingly of drinking covert gin out of what?

4. What was Roosevelt trying to prevent with the Bank Holiday?

5. What does Emma Tiller say in her interview is as important as money?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Harry Hartman's experiences repossessing belongings in the Depression.

2. What was the most controversial component of the New Deal?

3. According to Elizabeth Wood, how did public housing develop the stigma it has today?

4. According to Horace Cayton, why did black Americans not join the Communists en masse?

5. Describe the incident with the Iowa Judge in The Father Is the Man?

6. How much power did coal companies have in the towns they inhabited?

7. What was Dr. Townsend's contribution to the Depression-era discourse?

8. According to James Farley, how did Roosevelt alienate members of his own administration?

9. How did The Cradle Will Rock become a lightning rod of controversy?

10. How did Jack Kirkland become famous during the Depression?

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