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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Myrna Loy suspect of being the force behind her inability to meet FDR?
(a) Martin Dies.
(b) Harry Truman.
(c) Eleanor Roosevelt.
(d) Louis B. Mayer.

2. What does Alf Landon say he disliked about Roosevelt's New Deal?
(a) Almost nothing.
(b) The nationalization of industry.
(c) Its centralization of executive power.
(d) The Stalinist collectivism.

3. What change to the ticket structure did the Schaffner Players make after the 1929 Crash?
(a) They only charged for first acts.
(b) They increased their ticket rates.
(c) They only charged for second acts.
(d) They stopped charging all together.

4. In 1930's Appalachia, what does the KKK assist in setting up?
(a) Progressive political rallies.
(b) Church raisings.
(c) UMW locals.
(d) Town hall meetings.

5. In the 1930's W. Clement Stone made his money selling what?
(a) Life insurance.
(b) Bibles.
(c) Wholesale grain feed.
(d) Cars.

Short Answer Questions

1. What issue does Stanley Kell surprisingly support?

2. According to Buddy Blankenship in Sixteen Ton, what was the state of coal miners before the Depression?

3. As described in The Farmer Is the Man, how did a mob respond to a judge who was foreclosing on homes in Iowa?

4. What was the name of the private relief organization that Dr. Martin Bickham worked with in the 1930's?

5. Besides attempting to change the makeup of the Supreme Court, what Roosevelt decision does James Farley say alienated people in the administration?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Alf Landon recall his 1936 campaign against Roosevelt in the book?

2. How did The Cradle Will Rock become a lightning rod of controversy?

3. According to Elizabeth Wood, how did public housing develop the stigma it has today?

4. What was Dr. Townsend's contribution to the Depression-era discourse?

5. What was the most controversial component of the New Deal?

6. How does Christopher Lasch explain the possibility of a socialist revolt in the 1930's?

7. What safety concerns pervaded mines in the 1930's?

8. Describe the incident with the Iowa Judge in The Father Is the Man?

9. What role did Elsa Ponselle play in the forming of the Teacher's Union?

10. How did Neil Schaffner's theatre troupe have to change their business model after the Crash 1929?

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