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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Hard Travelin', what does Peggy Terry think would happen if another Depression happened today?
(a) There would be widespread violence.
(b) All Republicans would be voted out.
(c) We would rebound faster.
(d) The Soviets would take over.

2. What recollection does Diana Morgan have that draws tears from her?
(a) Having to stand on line for a job.
(b) Her father's death.
(c) Interviewing her former maid for relief.
(d) Losing her house.

3. What promise did Upton Sinclair make to his supporters during his run for governor of California?
(a) To create a work program.
(b) To extract public money from industrialists.
(c) To end poverty in California.
(d) To secede from the US.

4. What did Jane Yoder consider a luxury during the Depression?
(a) A new sweater.
(b) A trip to the movies.
(c) A hot meal.
(d) A bed.

5. What does Diane, the young journalist in Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, resent about her parent's fixation on the Depression?
(a) It ignores the racial reality of the events.
(b) It demeans her life experience.
(c) It ignores the political reality of the events.
(d) They refuse to speak frankly to her about it.

6. Peggy Terry says in Hard Travelin' that what disappeared from her life during the Depression?
(a) Her family.
(b) Racism.
(c) Hope.
(d) Her sense of patriotism.

7. Which movement sought to replace the American Federation of Labor in the 1930's?
(a) The Catholic Workers.
(b) The Communists.
(c) The CIO.
(d) The Wobblies.

8. At the end of High Life, what does Judy blame for the Depression?
(a) Consumption.
(b) Apathy.
(c) Militarism.
(d) Sin.

9. According to a quotation in the Introduction, what was the typical response to receiving a pink slip during the beginning of the Depression?
(a) Pride.
(b) Numbness.
(c) Shame.
(d) Bemusement.

10. In God Bless' the Child, Slim Collier discusses what effect created by job loss in America?
(a) Psychological.
(b) Moral.
(c) Economic.
(d) Political.

11. What food can Dorothe Bernstein not stand because of her days in an orphanage?
(a) Sardines.
(b) Beets.
(c) Pig's feet.
(d) Brussel sprouts.

12. What metaphor does Arthur Robinson use to describe Wall Street in the 1920's?
(a) A Roman orgy.
(b) A rigged casino.
(c) A candy store.
(d) A private club.

13. According to Doc Graham, what was the public's attitude toward figures like Machine Gun Kelly and John Dillinger in the 1930's?
(a) They were commodities to be sold.
(b) They were boogeymen.
(c) They were folk heroes.
(d) They were barely talked about.

14. What does Diane personally think about the suffering of the 1930's in Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band?
(a) She thinks it is exaggerated by those who experienced it.
(b) She has no opinion.
(c) She thinks the suffering was focused disproportionately on minorities.
(d) She thinks America reaped what it sowed in the 1920's.

15. Where did Blackie Gold spend his childhood?
(a) An orphanage.
(b) A military post.
(c) A boarding school.
(d) Canada.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Slim Collier's father do before the Depression?

2. What does Jimmy Partland say is the importance of a job?

3. What did the Wagner Act outlaw?

4. What was Bob La Follette before he ran for President?

5. Where did Arthur Robinson keep thousands of dollars during the bank holiday?

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