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Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the Gatekeeper leave the narrator alone with his shadow?

2. What does the narrator compare his world to while climbing through the escape route in Chapter 29?

3. What does the narrator want to do in light of the situation?

4. At the end of the book, why does the narrator say he has to stay?

5. Which instrument does the narrator eventually take with him?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain the significance of the song "Danny Boy" for the narrator's life.

2. Explain what the Colonel tells the narrator about the digging of the hole in Chapter 30.

3. What does the narrator do after arriving in his apartment in Chapter 31?

4. How does the narrator whistling "I Go to Pieces" in Chapter 29 relate to the overall storyline?

5. What is the significance of the narrator's realization of what the accordion is and how to use it?

6. How does the Caretaker of the Power Station feel about the musical instruments?

7. What doubts about leaving the Town does the narrator voice to his shadow in Chapter 32?

8. Explain what the Professor says is a way out of the situation the narrator finds himself in in Chapter 27 and why it would work.

9. How does the narrator's shadow say he developed his plan of escape in Chapter 38?

10. Describe the Town's power source.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe what the narrator refers to in Chapter 35 as "despair", "disillusionment" and "hell" and explain why he says he's unable to create a better life for himself.

Essay Topic 2

Using the death of the beasts, the death of shadows and the prospect of the Tokyo narrator's own death as examples, explain how Murakami presents the theme of mortality in the novel.

Essay Topic 3

Write a detailed characterization of Murakami's use of literary and musical references, describing his choice of usage and explaining how these choices add to the development of the characters.

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